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I Feel Much More Comfortable & Confident Now

“This is helping so much, I really can tell this (interview) practice and your input is helping me. I already feel much more confident & comfortable answering the questions.” –

More than just a Resume Writer….

  I was so thrilled by this feedback from someone that found me online, I have to share:    “Frankly, I am intrigued by your method of presenting yourself.  Might

I Know Now – Write Individual Cover Letters (Not a “One Letter for All”)

“Thank you so much for taking the time and making the effort with my resume.  It looks good and concise and gets to the point.  I saved your advice pertaining

Interview Practice VERY worthwhile!

“Thanks again for squeezing me in at the last minute. It was VERY worth while for me, now I have to go practice!” – Liz, Non-Profit/Volunteer Management, Oregon

I Got a Prestigious Job with My New Resume!

“Thank you for the time you spent on this (resume) with me . . you’ll be pleased to know that this one you helped me with got me a prestigious

LinkedIn Profile Make Over a Success!

“Oh my gosh Shannon! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the work you’ve done helping me to expand on my LinkedIn profile!!!! It looks great, sharp and feels conversational, which is EXACTLY

I am Now Employed!

“Thanks to you & your hard work on my resume, I am now an employed person.  Thank you very much, the resume was outstanding & if it wasn’t for you,

My Resume Now Tells My Story

“Thank you so much for crafting such a great resume for me. You are really great at picking up on details and capturing the essence of a person. I really

Interview Coaching Made Me Prepared – Exception Service!

Shannon’s fantastic!   I had already used one of the interview coach’s that come up at the top of the Google search, but was not overly impressed with the service I received

“Do You Want To Succeed?”

  “Shannon is a great motivator! Extremely professional, focused and sensitive to the needs of her clients. She tells it like it is and promotes practical ways to succeed. She

Another Happy Former Client Returns

“I’m happy to pay for your time. I have always had success with your resumes. Glad your still working in the industry.” – Liz, High School Teacher, Illinois This client

My New Resume is Getting Me Interviews!

“I will say that my resume & its format . . .are definitely working . .  AT & T Broadband called the same day they received it. This is the

Resume Confidence Gets Results:

“Two days after receiving my final resume from you I applied to a non-profit that I’ve always admired.  36 hours after submitting the resume we rewrote together and cover letter

I Now Look at My Accomplishments Differently!

“Shannon took the frustration out of resume writing for me.   We went through an interview process where Shannon drew information out of me, things I had forgotten or did not

Your Guidance Rejuvenated My Spirits!

“Thank you for your resume guidance.  It’s really rejuvenated my search and my spirits. I never would have gotten Home Depot (for HR Manager position) interested in me with my

Take it from an HR Manager . . .

Straight from my Resume Confidence Facebook page: Stephanie Goddard Resume preparation is CRITICAL for interview preparation. I agree with your thorough style completely. Thursday at 1:34pm · Unlike ·  1 Resume Confidence by Shannon Terry Thanks,

This Process Helped Me Regain Control of My Life

Thank you Shannon.  This process definitely gave me more than I bargained for — in a good way.  This was a giant step in taking back control of my life.

Interview Prep for FBI Wins Job Offer

“I called upon Shannon for her assistance in preparing for an interview with a federal government agency.  Preparation was essential.  Shannon was very familiar with (behavioral) interview process and her

I Feel Better, Empowered! Thank you!

“You’ve done an awesome job with this (resume) – I feel so empowered – thank you so much!” – Rylie, Graphic Design, Florida “I’m glad you were able to pull

Shannon Came Recommended, Then I Recommended Her

“Being someone who had never had a resume I was afraid to start, let alone know where to start. Shannon was recommended to me by a dear friend, I contacted

Multiple Profit Centers for Job (and Life) Security & Satisfaction

Extra Income Ideas for the Job Seeker, Income Diversifier, &

Career Transitioner Alike


If a man [sic] will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts he shall end in certainties.” – Francis Bacon


I don’t need to tell you about the changing job market & speculations of the future of work.  You probably already know through personal experience, or at least that of someone you know that our jobs, and therefore our income, are not guaranteed.  In fact, many in Europe as well as the US are intentionally adopting what is being called the “portfolio careerapproach – multiple forms of work, some out of necessity, some for the sake of variety & avoiding boredom, and/or, not wanting to put all eggs in the full-time job basket that may break at any time, for any of these or other reasons.




Over a decade ago I read what is still one of my favorite non-fiction books of all time - Making a Living Without a Job by Barbara Winter.  She has long advocated a similar approach for entrepreneurs that she calls having “multiple profit centers” – various streams of income, much the way one diversifies an investment portfolio to minimize loss risk.  For Barbara, and many of us adopting this approach to career & lifestyle, it’s also at least in part (or large part), for FUN, and the variety of interests and skills one can use while operating these multiple profit centers.

This concept comes in handy for an out-of-work job seeker, too – create a part-time income source to both keep you active and interested in something while you look to return to the workforce.

Or, you might be a current full-time employee looking to transition out of working for others to working for yourself.

Or, as mentioned in my September newsletter, like a former housesitting client of mine, pursuing her passion for dance on the side turned into a way for her to take on managing a studio full time and leave her long time career translating that had grown stale.

Whatever your situation or reasons, having multiple streams of income is wise – and fun!

I strongly encourage you to check out Making a Living Without a Job (even if you still want a job!) if you are interested in starting any (or many!) new profit centers to add to your income portfolio.  Barbara Winter’s book will give you many more ideas and inspiring real people example stories.


One new profit center that may be fitting for many of you (including myself!) is to teach a class (tips in my post Training Tips for Non-Teacher Types) in an area of expertise & interest.  

If it’s in your area of your career, teaching classes holds many benefits:

**Teaching helps build your reputation as a go-to resource & expert in your field for one.

**It is also a Resume and LinkedIn builder to add to these marketing tools to further your professional pursuits.

**Builds your network of contacts


Teaching a workshop you design & market yourself, or working for a local college, for example, can be really fun!  Many professionals also want to expand to working with groups to:
**Reach more clients & help more people
**Generate another income stream
**Offer a way for clients and others in your professional network to get to know you
**Plus, maximize YOUR time and reach by offering classes


Take a look at the Workshops page – the local program “Turning Your Wisdom Into Workshops” will be available for purchase on DVD in 2015, plus, additional programs are being planned for future dates as well – great info in these classes on HOW to get your workshops started!



Depending on the specifics of your teaching arrangements, there may be an opportunity for you to add additional profit centers to your classes in the form of products: audio or video recordings of that course or related courses, workbooks (in print or market an e-book on a website), ongoing monthly membership support and info groups online, and many others….


Get brainstorming!  You don’t have to depend just on your full-time job to meet all your career, income, satisfying lifestyle, or needs to offer something of value in the world!

Freelancing, Work from Home, and Other Online Options

Following the last post about house/petsitting, how can you work AND travel, and/or, make a bit of side cash while working your job OR help transition yourself into a new career or work situation?




How about work from home?  Freelance gigs?  Make money from a blog?


Here’s a collection of resources/websites to check out to get you inspired, maybe even started!  (btw, none of these are affiliates for ME … I shouldda tried to set that up before I shared this post, maybe, huh? :)  )


Please add your experience or knowledge of any of these in the comments if you have some, thanks!  Let’s support each other!


Freelance work resources:








Work from Home

Not just for mom’s, working from home can be a wonderful option to pursue in your job search. When you think about what’s most important to you in the work you seek now, are flexibility, casual work environment, and independence on your list?

Can you get by without the social interaction an office environment naturally provides?  Can you self motivate & stay focused on your own?

Then you may be a prime candidate for working at home!  But if you don’t already have a job with a company that offers an at-home work option, how do you discern which ads claiming to offer work-at-home jobs are legit, and which are scams?

Years ago I offered free resume critiques at the Tampa events of the nationally known Women for Hire Job Fairs.  I know first hand that this company, and it’s founder, Tory Johnson, are the real thing, and, they focus on supporting working women.

Women for Hire offers an in depth guides to identifying real and fake opportunities, and information on various types of work-at-home jobs, such as:  virtual customer service, writing/marketing/PR, online surveys/mystery shopping, and myriad other misc. work (medical coding, transcriptionist, translator, tutoring, direct sales, and more).

Check out this great resource on Work from Home options! 



NC Office viewNC office sunrise


A couple of my work at home/homesit “office” views … the dining room tables looking out onto the intercoastal south of Wilmington, NC and out onto the mountain wildlife in the Rocky Mountains


Making Money Online

How to Make Money from Your Blog:  http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2006/05/how-to-make-money-from-your-blog/

Pat is supposed to be THE guru:  http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/successful-affiliate-marketing-tips/


Housestay Vacay: Writing a Compelling Housesitter Profile


Fall leaf peeping trip?  Someone else’s home for the holidays?


I’ve written a few posts like Job Relocation Exploration & How to Still Go Out of Town While Out of Work and Ho Ho Home for the Holidays about using house & pet sitting as a way to both save money and sanity (by having your own space!) on vacations.  

Saving money can be especially important if you are unemployed, and have lots of TIME for a getaway, but your budget is a concern.

Just like applying for a standard issue job that needs a compelling cover letter and resume, you need to write an attention catching sitter profile to get a pet/housesitting gig, as the competition is pretty strong.

I realized that writing this housesitter profile is very much like writing a stand-out cover letter in your job search.

056051 054 - Copy

One of my summer house/petsits in the mountains of Colorado (and Guinness my charge/playmate)

Attention getting housesitting profiles and cover letters both:

Communicate genuine enthusiasm for the opportunity and mention specific reasons why (referencing details mentioned in the ad is a good way to do this, though there may be other reasons to mention as well)

“Show don’t tell” – when you say you have a particular skill or trait, it’s one thing to say, “I’m great with dogs.” or “I provide excellent customer service”.  It’s another to say “Pet owners often comment on how quickly their dogs warm up to me, & exhibit trusting behaviors” or “Honored to receive multiple thank you letters for “above & beyond” customer service from happy customers”.  In the personal interviews in both of these examples you can then go into more detail about these stories to further “prove” what you are saying to illustrate even more specifically that you can do what you say you can.


Me & Stella in Madison, WI last summer while visiting family for 1 month -- longer than I couldda lasted without my own place to call home for 4 weeks!

Me & Stella my new pet sit friend in Madison, WI, July 2011, while visiting family for 1 month — longer than I couldda lasted without my own place to call home for 4 weeks!


Address the specific needs/requirements in the ads & how you can meet them.  A housesit ad requiring “handyman skills” may be addressed by mentioning DIY projects you’ve done at your own home, for a friend, or other housesit jobs, for example.  In a job ad that says experience with a certain software or population of clients, for example, even if included in your resume, it can be helpful to the reader to have that special skill mentioned upfront in the cover letter as well.

Put yourself in the position of the home/pet owner or employer:  what additional qualities or information might be useful for them to know that may not be mentioned in the ad?  For example, with housesitting, some home owners require a background check, though as of yet I haven’t encountered one.  Still, since I have 15+ years of social work and teaching experience, I’ve been being background checked since I was 23, and I mention this in my profile.  It offers a bit extra peace of mind to the reader, even if they don’t ask for one.  Maybe you are applying for a social media/marketing position for a yoga studio.  Though it’s not listed as a requirement or even a “plus” in the advertisement, if you yourself are also a yoga practitioner, mentioning this offers a like extra ‘something’, an insider’s understanding to their target market, the ‘lingo’ and atmosphere of a studio & other useful insights that another candidate that doesn’t do yoga wouldn’t have.  These details can really help spark interest from the reader!


You can get a sample cover letter here.


Want some feedback on your house/petsitter profile or cover letter?  You can view my housesitting profile and profile writing info sheet here!


Lemme know!  I’ve successfully written both for self and clients for many years.


You are Not Your Job: Spiritual and Practical Steps to Working with Self Esteem


Losing a job.  Not getting an interview.  Equating our job title or salary with our value as a person.  These are all ways that our self-esteem can be tied, erroneously, to our career.


Sometimes we fall into the trap of equating work-related events and status with our self worth.  Even though we all know that saying “It’s not personal, it’s business”, who hasn’t felt personally slighted by getting passed up for a promotion or getting laid off, even if you are one of many in your company downsize? Positive recognition as Sales Manager of the Month or a glowing review of your product can also affect how we are feeling about ourselves, too.


The danger lies in thinking that our jobs are a reflection of who we are as a person.  Ironically, I think it’s really the other way around – that how we feel about ourselves as people has a much bigger impact on our work and job performance.  When we are confident and feel good about ourselves, generally, we show up to work happy.  When we are relaxed and self-assured, we naturally want to do good work, and our relationships with co-workers, clients, even our grumpy boss go more smoothly, if only because we feel good, so our feathers don’t get ruffled as easily.  We are more able to think creatively, think on our feet, and take well calculated risks because we feel valuable overall, and thus valuable on the job.


 job search encouragement


I work with job seekers, and I can often tell when someone is struggling with attaching their self worth to their current state of joblessness. Job searching can make us feel uncertain, fearful, or resentful – all examples of self-esteem sabotaging emotions.  We can perceive a rejection even where none may exist, in losing a job and during a job search.


For example, it can be a blow to our egos to be out of work, even if we lost a job through no fault of our own.  Or, we think we’re a shoe in for a position and we don’t even get called for an interview.  We’ve gone to round three in the hiring process and aren’t selected in the end.  These are very real disappointments, and yet, we really have no idea why things worked out as they did.


Remember, business can be a strange animal.  Jobs gets posted externally when the intention from the beginning is to hire internally. Secondary skill sets, personality fit with existing team members, and yes, that good old networking system also come into play.  Your past experience may be an exact match for the posted requirements, but your competition may have experience with a rival company, or be the sister-in-law of the VP’s neighbor.  The point is, there are reasons and situations you know not of.  Don’t worry about these things.  We do our best, and we let it go in trust that ‘all works out as it should’.


Maintaining that trust can be particularly challenging during the emotional, financial, and mental strain of being unemployed.  Here are some fairly simply things you can do, whether we are currently employed or looking for work, to keep feeling good about ourselves within, and outside of, our career life.


  • Find a quiet space and time to get in touch with your spiritual self and nurture that connection.  Have a space in your home to pray or meditate, or do yoga or tai chi.  Spend time in nature. Whatever gets you personally in touch with that which you consider divine – do it. Everyday. Creating this quiet, calm space makes room for the answers come.  It helps release our fears, doubts, anxieties.  Whatever our path and specific practices, when we feel grounded and confident in our spiritual selves, then how we feel about ourselves and our ability to handle the crisis and challenges in our daily lives is solid and rooted, drawn from these core believes and values. In her excellent book, “Bringing Yoga to Everyday Life, author Donna Fahri reminds us that through a practice like Yoga that, “Like a surfer out on the ocean swell, we start to align ourselves with the ebb and flow of life rather than fight with it. Gradually we begin to recognize that in between the ups and downs and the coming and going, there is a matrix of stillness that is the backdrop of all phenomena.”
  • Maintain hobbies/personal interests & activities outside of work.  Simply put, take time out for fun!
  • Be who you really are at work.  Avoid having one ‘work persona’ and one ‘the rest of my life’ set of values.  The split causes much confusion, and feeling ingenuine will never bolster self worth.


  • Meet with a coach/support person or job club at least once a week to help keep you on track, positive, and realistic.  Choose someone you KNOW WILL BE SUPPORTIVE – don’t go looking for courage and relief from your own anxieties from someone who is habitually fear-based, sees the glass half empty, and hellfire and damnation lurking at every corner. Avoid these well meaning but potentially self-esteem bashing people.


  • Give yourself credit by setting and tracking progress on daily/weekly job search goals (i.e. I will apply for 2 jobs/day; research 2 new companies each day etc.) The chart full of check marks can give a real sense of accomplishment and pride that you are working diligently and are focused on re-employment.


By combining a grounded spiritual practice with practical action-based strategies for keeping balanced and realistic in our work and lives, we can create a state of self esteem that is interwoven throughout our work and the rest of our lives.





You Are a Goldmine of Knowledge

You are a Goldmine of knowledge and wisdom!

In other words you know a lot of stuff that can really help people AND
there are people waiting to pay you for the knowledge you have.