2, 012 Intentions for the New Year (or, maybe just 1 or 2!)


I am a fan of setting intentions, which tend to be more general and simple about feelings you desire, and therefore more far reaching into many (even all) aspects of your life, than specific resolutions or goals of things to change or improve.

For me, my overall intention for 2012 is ‘effortlessness and ease’ — I want things to flow, I want to be in the flow, I want to enjoy all that I do without struggle, stress or force.  I want to feel relaxed, peaceful, full of trust and, well, like I said, ease, whether it’s about how business opportunities show up & how I am within that work, or  how my fun plans with friends come together and feel, or how the projects at home get completed.  Effortlessly.  Light, things flow.  I got the idea to set a general feeling based (or otherwise simple, wider arching) intention from my business coach and mentor, Christine Kane.  Check out her blog, “You Say You Want a Resolution” to read more.

What are you intending for 2012 for your job search and career?  How’s it going so far?  If you need a little guidance on what you want to focus on and intend for your work life this year, my posts Using the Power of Intention in Your Job Search and Writing Your Own Job Description may help you with some concrete questions to ask & answer to help you get clear.

Do you need to start again, ‘re-intend’ from last year after a holiday break in your job search?  Go ahead & do so, no one’s going to ridicule or punish you.  We all need to constantly re-focus and re-commit to our intentions, that’s what keeps us in the flow.  No judgment.  No self-criticism.  Just begin again.  That is all.
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle


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