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I recently wrote this blog post, “Professional Development – Learning on the Jobwhich is most about keeping updated on your industry and job specific skills (technical training, computer skills, etc.)

In my opinion, though, lifelong learning should, in my opinion, include both those ‘hard skills’ (technology and other abilities you must have to do the ‘nuts and bolts’ tasks of your job), but also continual growth of a personal nature – our communication skills, overcoming fears and insecurities we all carry in our lives, learning how to simply be more happy and confident always has positive ripple effects in our work lives as well.

So think about those self-help books, online courses, spiritual exploration, even some support groups or therapy around a personal issue that you know limits your life in some way.  Investing in our mental, emotional, and spiritual health is just as, if not more important as our computer or task oriented skills.

If you are like, oh, almost everyone, you have stress at work – maybe even MAJOR stress (hopefully not often…but…)  Our jobs are so central to our lives, what happens there affects everything.

Work Stress Solutions is a FABULOUS resource for ideas and links to sources on topics that are listed below.

This site says it’s “The #1 Website for Work Stress Relief”, and frankly, I believe it!  It’s a fantastic goldmine of articles, tips, techniques, and links of resources and ideas about not just managing stress, but eliminating it’s root sources.

Its main focus seems to be empowering ourselves to create our own peace of mind by looking at and consciously choosing our thoughts.

Once you do that, not just your work stress but your new found state of mind and serenity extrapolate out to all aspects of your life, not just on the job….

Here’s a small sample of what you can find, but please, go check out the whole site:

Learning of all kinds doesn’t stop when we graduate!  Keep on acquiring new skills and growing all your live long days!


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