How to Create a Class – Train the Trainer Workshops

Resume Confidence offers a series of 4 Create a Class: Train the Trainer Workshops to teach any professional how to present clear content that’s informative, interesting AND fun!

Start with the Intro/Overview Class and continue on with the Advanced Topics, specialized to specific components of the intro course in the continuing series.


Many solopreneurs & other professionals want to expand their individual client services to working with groups to:

  • Build their reputation in their field & establish their expertise in their industry
  • Reach more clients & help more people, reach out to the community
  • Generate another income stream
  • Offer a way for clients to get to know you before committing to 1-1 work together
  • Plus, maximize YOUR time and reach by offering classes

You know your stuff, you’re well versed in  your field and great at what you do – but the idea of putting together a class curriculum and teaching or presenting that material intimidates or overwhelms you.

No problem – I know how to do that!  Come learn from a long time teacher, workshop leader and corporate trainer.  

Introductory/Overview Workshop:

Create a Class:  Thurs. 10/5 6:30 – 8:30pm

                          Tues. 10/22, 6:30-8:30pm

Advanced Topic Workshops:

Create Clear Content:  Tues. 11/5, 6:30-8:30pm

Create Class Activities:  Thurs. 11/14, 6:30-8:30pm

Create Consistent Marketing:  Tues. 11/26, 6:30-8:30pm

Series will repeat in Jan/Feb 2014!  

Check back or get on the mailing list for dates/locations ….


Introductory/Overview Workshop: 


Create a Class:  How to Present Clear Content That’s InformativeInteresting, AND Fun!

This  will explain and demonstrate:

  • How to determine your content & focus
  • How to structure and present that information in a way that’s clear, holds attention, aides retention AND is entertaining
  • Generate ideas for hands-on, practical application activities to reinforce learning (and keep people awake!)


Advanced Create a Class/Train the Trainer Workshop Series:  All advanced courses are topics covered in the Introductory Create a Class but go into more depth & are very interactive.  These workshops offer an opportunity for participants to delve into creating their own class with input and feedback from the group and instructor.


Attending the Introductory Create a Class workshop is helpful, but not required to come to any of the Advanced series workshops.


Create Clear Content: Develop clear outlines & plans for your signature class or series of classes based on your purpose, target audience, and desired end result(s) (as discussed in the Introductory Create a Class workshop). 


Create Class Activities:  Plan engaging, interesting components that address all 3 learning styles – visual, auditory, & kinesthetic to increase comprehension, retention, and hold interest.  Includes ice-breakers & warm ups ideas.


Create Consistent Marketing: Write your advertising materials & subtly ‘sell’ during your classes to spark continued interest in your offers.


Location:  Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies – Classroom, 222 2nd St. N., St. Petersburg, FL 33701 - Free parking in back.

Sign Up:  Limited to 20 participants. Advanced registration appreciated; walk-ins most welcome as space allows.

$25 walk in & less than 48 hour sign up

$20 paid in advance more than 48 hours ahead of class


Credit cards accepted for advanced payments; cash or check only day of class

Contact:  To pre-register & any questions:  Shannon Terry –  910-632-0533  (please do not contact Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies for information, they are simply providing our classroom)


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Shannon Terry is a workshop instructor, former corporate trainer and experiential learning facilitator. She’s also a professional Resume Writer & Interview Skills Coach. Shannon is a long time yoga practitioner, very amateur kayaker, and moonlights as an international vagabond when she can. She has also been a frequent contributor to several local magazines, writing on the personal as well as professional challenges of career and teaching topics. Related tips and musing can be found on her blog:


Want one-on-one consult, coaching & brainstorming sessions on how to decide on your topics & create your classes?  Shannon works with individuals, too.  Write or call  for info on this option!


Homework (don’t worry, it’s optional!  :-) )

Pre-reading from my blog:

Training Tips for Non-Teacher Types

OTJ Learning & Earning – Professional and Personal Development Really Pays




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