A Compliment Shared


A friend of mine on Facebook got the nicest compliment on her work that she shared, it said (paraphrased), “I went to at store after work today. A lady stopped me and asked if I worked in (health care industry) and I said yes.  Her father was (cared for) for 5 years and she praised the work we do day after day. She went on and on. She almost had me in tears. I just wanted to pass this along to remind you that you are appreciated. Keep up the great work.”

First of all, it’s always wonderful and affirming to hear that our work have a positive impact on others.  Part of my mission in helping people find better jobs by improving their resumes and interview skills, for example, is that I really believe in the ripple effect of happiness that a world full of people doing work they enjoy, are good at, and appreciated for would bring.

This also made me think to remind and encourage you all to do this:

When someone compliments you on the job, don’t be too shy/modest/afraid to ask humbly if they would mind contacting your boss, too. While it’s great to hear good things yourself, your supervisor really needs to hear it, too. If it makes you feel more comfortable, you could say something like, “Would you mind, I’m up for a raise (promotion) right now, and if you have a moment, it might help if you also shared that with my boss, Mike . . . ” Hey, someday you will be, so why not start collected the well earned accomplishments you want on your resume/record now?  You earned it and the compliment came to you on it’s own remember.

This is NOT entirely self-serving, either!  Bosses too often just here the complaints (I know the majority of customers I heard from when I was a supervisor fell in this category!), and so it’s really nice for a manager to know her/his team are doing a good job, too!  It also reflects on them positively as the leader.

And again, who couldn’t use a happy client/customer compliment in their personnel file?

Don’t be afraid to humbly ask people to mention this to your boss. Then you get to feel good AND have “Earned compliments for exceptional customer service from happy customers” to your resume.   Many people are so happy to do so, they just don’t think to do this, as their focus is just on thanking you.  Done graciously, think of the ripple effect you may have on others, too, who will think in the future to approach other people’s bosses when they receive great service and products, too!

Win-win outcome all over the place, my favorite kind!