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The Luck o’ the Irish in Your Job Search

“Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue . . . And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” – The Wizard of Oz I got my Blarney Stone kissin’ gift of the gab on and came up with these! I hope these Job Search Limericks kick off St. Patty’s Day month with […]

Why You Can’t Start Your Job Search by Updating Your Resume

So many job seekers think their resume was the first step in preparing for a new job search – but – they don’t quite know what they wanted to do next. An effective resume **has to be targeted** to a specific job goal. So – if you don’t know what type of work you want […]

TESTIMONIAL: More than just a Resume Writer….

I was so thrilled by this feedback from someone that found me online, I have to share:    “Frankly, I am intrigued by your method of presenting yourself.  Might be an odd way to say this.. but, I felt you weren’t presenting yourself just as a resume writer who will write a resume, get paid […]

Addressing An Employment Gap (Covid Related or Otherwise) on Your Resume

This blog post originated from a conversation on the e-list group of my professional organization, Career Directors International. Returning to Workforce After an Absence: The discussion was about good strategies for stay-at-home-moms who are transitioning back to the workplace to account for that time gap on their resumes. Of course many people are going to […]

Interview Tips: Past Post Picks

I actually already have 27 posts in the Interview Tips category of this blog. Feel free to read them all! Video:  Top 10 Tips for Interviewing   Maybe it’s because of  David Letterman, but people seem to love Top 10 Lists.  Here are MY top 10 tips for interviewing (view video)  An oldie but goodie, I […]