Author: Resume Confidence

CLIENT SAYS: This Process Helped Me Regain Control of My Life

“Thank you Shannon.  This process definitely gave me more than I bargained for — in a good way.  This was a giant step in taking back control of my life.   I’m thrilled with the end product and will keep you in mind for updates.  It was a true pleasure not having to figure out […]

Corporate America: a New Story? (!)

  For years, I’ve been thinking about changing corporate and workplace landscape. It recently was Father’s Day, and I know how our dads, and other providers  (maybe that’s YOU!) are and have been affected by these changes, by the weight of job and family obligations, as well as the drive to succeed, make a contribution, […]

Re-entering the Workforce After an Extended Absence

As Oprah has said, when done well, being a mother is THE most important job there is.  And I know all the moms that are my clients and fans live that truth. Many a great mom also needs another job, out there in the career world. If you are a woman returning to the workforce after years […]

Seasonal Shifts, Spring Sprouts, and How the Sh!t Becomes the Soil

  Although I live in FL now, a place many think of as ‘eternal summer’, I grew up outside of Chicago, and remember too well the slushy, muddy, grey mess that is spring in northern climes. I also more fondly recall those exquisite days of early spring that would pop in now & again, teasing […]

Preparing for Labor: What Expectant Mothers & Job Seekers Have In Common

In honor of Mother’s Day (always the 2nd Sunday in May, btw), I offer this:   I seem to have had two types of people in my life recently – job seekers (as always) . . .  and pregnant women.  I was quite surprised to realize, as I listen to the trials and tribulations of […]