Career Changers: What’s Your “Spin-Off” Story?

    Nanu-Nanu, job seekers! How many of you have watched TV shows, or movies, or even read books that were spin offs of other storylines? Think Cheers & Fraser. Breaking Bad to Better Call Saul. A more modern example is of course Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon. Who was around in, or knows […]

What is “CSR”? (nope, not “customer service rep”)

C is for…Corporate social responsibility (CSR) = the idea that a business has a responsibility to the society that exists around it   Article in FastMoney:  Corporate Social Responsibility and Companies that Solve Social Problems     Some of my (awesome!) clients are in these fields and working for these types of organizations and departments […]

Real Job Seeker Story: A Job Search at YOUR Age? YES!

Our world, country, economy, business world, work force and our own lives are going through massive, and sometimes scary, changes right now. You might be facing a furlough or lay off, or your children who are young adults or teens are looking at a really challenging job market:  anyone may feel rather intimidated to be […]

RECOMMENDATION: Professional, supportive, quick offers

“I found (Shannon) to be very professional and supportive. Her questions or “assignments” made me reflect on those areas special areas related to my field… I received an offer after one interview, and a week later, a recruiter contacted me… I would not hesitate to recommend (Shannon).” – Ana, Instructional Designer     For more […]

Ideas: 10+ New Jobs for Transitioning Teachers

Many of my clients are educators of all kinds. Many are transitioning teachers, usually K-12 but also college professors, traditional in person corporate training / HR trainers and all sorts of training professionals looking for a career change. These ideas for taking your transferable teaching skills into a new but related role have come from […]