Career & Life Purpose: Summer Reading


Here’s a few ‘oldies but goodies’ suggestions for summer reading, on the topic(s) of:

job/career/life purpose/work you love type books (they really tend to overlap & intertwine, these themes!)

They’d be PERFECT for time in your lawn chair (or hammock, or floating raft in the pool) this summer!


I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was 

– by the late, great, Barbara Sher (Anything by her, really, she was brilliant!  You might know her from PBS specials?)

Making a Living Without a Job – Barbara Winter

– Technically, this is a book about working for yourself, BUT, it inspires clarity on what you like to do, and can give extra money making ideas for the unemployed, too! You can friend/follow this Barbara on Facebook if you want (and she also has a fun & informative email newsletter).

I DO think it’s wise to have a ‘side gig’ or some additional source of income nowadays, as a safety net & savings stream.

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And of course, I ALWAYS highly recommend Alison Green’s Ask a Manager’s book “How to Get a Job:  Secrets of a Hiring Manager” is a great overall resource for job seekers!   

Grab your e-book copy now: Click here to visit Ask a Manager.

My very own 70+page pdf, the Career Clarity Guide, is ALSO available on these topics!
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Organized as 4 “Maps” (sections) to guide you with ideas, resources, and “excavation” exercises to inspire your discoveries:

Map 1: Pack & Purge: explore and evaluate your past positions, and what stays/goes now
Map 2: Choose Your Transfer Tickets: how to use existing skills in a new way (or in a new job)
Map 3: Write Your Own Itinerary: get clear on your ideal job journey “trip”
Map 4: Chart Your Quest: plan your new job search journey via your resume, cover letter, and interview answers”
and … look for your Souvenirs/Extras as you go!