Coping with Covid: Job Resources

You may have seen the (tear jerker!) movie, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” recently about Mr. Rogers, of the ‘hood, or maybe you’ve seen a meme of this floating around social media:

“Mr. Rogers often told this story about when he was a boy and would see scary things on the news:

“My mother would say to me,

Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”









In this time of a global health and economic crisis unprecedented in recent times, this is where I want to focus: what can we each do to be a part of the GOOD?

Small acts both compound, and spread, kindness is “contagious”, if you’ll allow me that word choice right now, in all the good ways. It’s the only curve we want to see rising right now, and going forward…

How can you HELP? How can I HELP?

I’ve put together some resources below, as well as a thank you offer for doing your part.

Would a COMPLIMENTARY Resume Review (critique) help YOU?

I’m offering them in exchange for whatever YOU are doing to help someone else during this challenging time. That’s my “fee”, pay it forward in some small (or large) way, with my gratitude!   

Just send me your current, updated resume as a WORD doc file and give me a week to send you your personalized, specific feedback (usually $15).


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In this spirit, I hope to be of some help to you during this highly stressful and challenging time, by sharing some “Coping with Covid” resources with you all.

To start with, let me be at least one person in your life to say this: if you AREN’T feeling up to ‘being productive’ and ‘maximizing this time at home’, you are not alone. We’re living through a collective trauma world-wide. *IT’S OK* to just rest and take as many slow days as you need, as you can.  Yes, I promise. Event experts say so: 

LINK:   A Trauma Psychologist Weighs In on the Risks of “Motivational Pressure” During Quarantine” 

LINK:  Helpful resources for helping kids cope (this link and many other articles on this page on PBS Kids)

Job related:

LINK:  COVID-19 Job Resources by State

From (Occupational Safety and Health Administration): LINK:   Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

No link for this tidbit, but a former Wall Street lawyer, George Washington University law graduate and former professor at Columbia Law School, executive consulting and women’s leadership coach, Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin (links are for her bios, not this input) said in a  podcast today (which is subscription only, thus why I can’t link to it),

If your employer won’t adhere to social distancing practices (and you are concerned about this), contact your local Board of Health.”

R & R + Inspiration!

LINK:  List of 40+ FREE healthy distractions and online exploration… Museums, aquariums, zoos, musicals, art classes, kid stuff, space stuff, and MORE!

And for when you just need a pick me up to manage the anxiety and fear, check out this list:   LINK: 15 Uplifting, Inspiring Movies on Netflix Right Now, and, you can rent “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” on Amazon Prime for some genuine Mr. Rogers comfort & care!









If I can assist you in some other way, as always, please just drop me a note!

Stay well, stay healthy, stay sane –