CSR & BCorps: Why WOULDN’T You Invest in Companies that “Do Good” AND are Profitable?

“Harvard Business School Professors wrote an article called “Creating Shared Value”.

There’s a new way of thinking about how businesses can serve. Philanthropy is the old way. Philanthropy is about sharing wealth that has already been created.

A better way is to create wealth is by serving. In creating shared value… we’re going to create a profitable business that does good. They coined a phrase…. “Not all profits are created equal. Those that create a social benefit are better”….

If you are an investor, why wouldn’t you invest in a company that returns adequate reward to you, but also does good? If you’re a government, why wouldn’t you favor those businesses?

Why WOULDN’T you look for businesses that do good AND create a profit?…

And (thus) if you’re a business leader competing for capital, why wouldn’t you choose a business model that does good in addition to rewarding shareholders because you yourself will be rewarded.

All profits are not created equal….Those that carry a social benefit ARE better.”


– Kevin Trapani – CEO, The Redwoods Group



From the documentary: “Real Value” – Economics, Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship


Real Value is an award-winning economics documentary that delivers a refreshing meditation on how business can be used to create value beyond profit; connecting motivational stories from social entrepreneurs working in agriculture, apparel, insurance, and biofuel, with the captivating science behind our perception of value from world-renowned professor of psychology and behavioral economics, Dan Ariely. 

The film serves as inspiration for any business owner, entrepreneur, or customer who is looking to better understand what happens when a business puts people, planet, and profit on equal footing.