Dear Santa, All I Want for Xmas Is… Your Job Search Wish List

All I Want for Christmas is…

…a Job!

You might just be willing to give your two front teeth for a job right now, especially with the holidays already here.

The popular belief out there is that “companies do not hire during the holiday season”.

Not true!  They do, and not just for holiday temp jobs, either.  Check out this CNN article for more specifics on why December can actually be a GREAT time to look for work!


Here are my Top 3 Reasons to Keep Up Your Job Search During the Holiday Season:

1)  Other job seekers think they companies aren’t hiring anyway, so they stop looking…this means there’s probably less competition for the posted jobs out there right now!

2)  Other people (less dedicated and determined than yourself!) won’t try to fit it into their busy holiday plans = (you guessed it – less competition!)


3)  What better gift to give yourself – and your family – than a new job!

Keep looking, keep applying, keep tweaking those resumes and personalizing those cover letters!

The best present you may get this year may not arrive in a wrapped box & bow, but, just maybe, that official job offer will arrive in your INBOX!

Ho ho ho!