Easy LinkedIn Tips – Part 1


First, keep this in mind:  LinkedIn profiles are generally more narrative as I mentioned, so we aren’t simply repeating your resume (a big no-no). 

They can show more personality and summarize/combine your career to illustrate your story more, and, should ALSO still include all the appropriate key words/skills in an easy to read format, too (aka: no loooonnnggg paragraphs, please!)

They are meant to complement your resume; to pique interest in seeing it, or add additional insight to someone that received your resume first.

The “FEATURED” section

This is an area you can add files/images – like…. of your PDF version of your resume! (highly recommended you do this) 

You can also include perhaps work samples or perhaps images of publicity of your work or anything related you deem appropriate.

LI Featured EX

Keeping “Top of Mind” – and – on top of the LI algorithms:

If you want to strategically keep popping up in people’s notifications every few days to keep yourself “in the top of their minds” for leads, for example, you can make a change or two at a time at intervals and leave your settings to allow notifications to go about your changes to your profile.   

Making updates/changes periodically, even just once a week, should also trigger the LI algorithm to review your profile content again and thus make it more likely to be shared in searches by hiring managers/recruiters.


In Easy LI Tips: Part 2 – Profile Pics & Cover Images + Section Length Limits