Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to the Job Fair You Go . . .

A number of years ago I used to give free resume critiques at in person Women for Hire Job Fairs (seems they’ve shifted their focus to work at home opportunities – very cool!)

They may not be as popular as they once were, but, they CAN be useful to attend, especially for getting in the door at a specific company that hosts one, or, for a targeted industry fair.

Here’s 7 tips that will keep you from doing something dopey, being bashful, or getting grumpy at the job fair … Hi ho!  It’s happily off to work you go ….




7 Quick Tips for Working the Job Fair:


1.  Bring plenty of resumes.  I, the resume “Doc”, so to speak, think resume should NEVER have objectives, as I say in my article “Are Objectives Objectionable, and other Great Resume Debates“, but make sure you don’t for your job fair resumes where you will likely meet many types of employers hiring for different job titles that may or may not match your printed objective.


2.  Hold things in your left hand, so your right hand is available to shake hands without awkwardness.  Simple, but helpful.


3.  Bring networking cards — which are business cards you had printed up for yourself with you name and contact info.  You may meet other job seekers you want to network with, for example.  They’re just handy to have around period.  Include your job searching email address, phone #, and possibly your Linked In profile link, and/or 1-3 “branding” labels or phrases, too “Creative Marketing Director”, “Dwarf & Cottage Sitter”, “Queen of Disguises”, “Teacher, Coach, Curriculum Developer”, you get the idea.  Order quality cards at low cost at Vista Print


4.  Bring a pen.  As Boy Scouts & mom’s alike remind us:  always be prepared!  Oh, and make sure it’s not the chewed cap or purple sparkly one your daughter left in the car!


5.  Have your 30-Second Commercial/Elevator Speech practiced and natural sounding — don’t be bashful!  You’ll be giving this ‘speech’ a lot today!


6.:  Research the companies that will be there ahead of time; plan your visit route, do company research ahead of time (see tip #4 about being prepared!)


7.  Don’t go first thing, it’s usually really busy then (besides, if you’re like me, you’ll be sleepy!) and you won’t get to talk to the employers for long, or be able to maximize your time if you have to wait in long lines.  Try more towards the middle, but not too close to closing time, as some employers might be packing up early!  Smile!  Chat with everyone!  Be your charming, capable self, you’ll do great!


BONUS TIP: For information on other job fairs around the country, check out National Career Fairs. Your local paper and online resources will also be a good source of job fairs sponsored locally.

Want your own resume critique? 

OK!  I’ll make you a deal …. check out this blog post to see how it works ….

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