Ho Ho Home for the Holidays?

(I sometimes mix things up with posts about saving and/or earning money if finances are tight during a job search.  This post also comes from my love of and success with housesitting, just a fun ‘lil something about me I throw in on this site for good measure…)

Any fans of the movie “The Family Stone” with Sarah Jessica Parker (and Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton & a slew of other big names?



Remember the awkward “where are all the guests going to sleep” moments?

The lack of privacy and ‘too much of a good thing togetherness’ that caused much of the tension (and hilarity) and struck that oh-so-familiar chord in you as you watched?

Thinking you can’t afford to travel at all to be with your dearly beloveds this holiday season, since the budget is tight during your job search (or that if you DO go, you will just HAVE to squeeze into the guest room/office/workout room at mom’s/your sisters/your in-laws that you share with the cat condo and/or the dog’s bed)?

Ever wish you had your OWN private place to stay that didn’t cost a holiday’s worth of gifts & then some?

How about a FREE HOUSE to call your own, complete with a comfy bed, your own bathroom and all the privacy you choose to have?

Try house sitting!

For more information on my own various experiences house/petsitting around the country (and one international stay!), go check out the article “Job Relocation Exploration & How to Still Go Out of Town While Out of Work


Make your holidays merrier ..


Top 5 Reasons to Get a Housesit for Your Holiday Trip Instead of Staying with Family or Friends:

5) Get up whatever time YOU want

4) No pull-out couch surfing required!

3) Your own space, your own peace, your own privacy. ‘Nuff said!

2) You can use the dog you are petsitting as a legit excuse to leave the family gathering whenever you are ready to go!

Me & my new friend Stella in her Madison, WI home last summer while I visited family for 1 month — longer than I couldda lasted without my own place to call home for 4 weeks!

and the #1 reason to housesit during the holidays — IT’S FREE!  (as my formerly 8 year old nephew says, “It doesn’t get cheaper than FWEE!” (he’s in college & I still remind him of that gem, said with his little boy lisp!)

“YES, I NEED SPACE to protect my sanity!” you say!  –>> Click here for help writing a winning pet/house sitter profile!

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