VIDEO: How to Make a Good Impression at a Job Interview

Say you’ve just (finally!) gotten that call from the employer/job you are super excited about….what can you do to make your best impression in the interview?

Simple, small tips (like eye contact, arriving early, but not tooo early and more) can make a big (positive) difference!

Take a minute (1:14 to be exact)… you may learn the one new idea that makes that difference!

The best tip is this:  practice!  My clients tell me that practice and feedback make SUCH a difference in their confidence (higher), and anxiety (much lower) levels.

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Interview Skills Coaching and practicing

those tough interview questions

with a proven strategy for delivering clear, concise answers

that PROVE you have the required job skills!


Interview Insights e-Class:

25 minutes of video on

Section 1: The Dual Purpose of an Interview – it’s not JUST about winning the job offer

Section 2: Learn 3 Simple Interview Strategies for Clarity and Confidence – what I teach my clients (Part 1)

Section 3: Top 3 Tips on Most Asked Client Questions

Watch the Interview Insights class here

I like to conduct my classes more like a conversation than a lecture to keep you interested and engaged.  I strive to inspire, encourage, educate and connect with you while giving professional, time tested advice and guidance.

In this upbeat and inviting class of digestible bits & tips, we’ll go over some important insights to support you, on personal and practical levels, to be effective, memorable and clearly communicate your skills and value.