Interview Insights: Insider’s Overview with an Interview Coach

Drum Roll please!
Though I have a long history of teaching and training in person, I’ve just published by first
ONLINE COURSE, available**for a limited time** for free on Skillshare


Interview Insights: Insider’s Overview with an Interview Coach


Learn from an experienced Interview Coach, Resume Writer & Career Guide
  • My classes more like a conversation than a lecture to keep you interested and engaged
  • I’m all about supporting job seekers that are looking for a mutual match, and finding a JOB YOU LOVE!

(You can read what some happy clients and class participants have said about me at the bottom).

In this upbeat and inviting class of digestible bits & tips, we’ll go over some important insights to support you, on personal and practical levels, to be effective, memorable and clearly communicate your skills and value.

Section 1: The Dual Purpose of an Interview – it’s not JUST about winning the job offer

  • Purpose of a resume vs. the interview
  • Does it fit?
  • Your value & ways to show it – without bragging
  • First impressions & honoring your instincts
  • What to ask (and not ask) when it’s your turn to ask questions

Section 2: Learn 3 Simple Interview Strategies for Clarity and Confidence – what I teach my clients

  • How to show vs. tell – prove your skills
  • Repetition & ‘Branding’ – you’re marketing YOU!
  • The BEST way to build confidence in yourself (and the employer in your abilities!)

Section 3: Top 3 Tips on Most Asked Client Questions

  • Avoiding pitfalls of the “Tell me about yourself…” question (and what to say instead)
  • Strengthening your answer to the dreaded, “What is one of your weaknesses?” question
  • Recovering gracefully from missing (or not understanding) the question (!)

PLUS… I added some bonus videos and documents (see attached pdfs) as a thank you – annnndd – I just couldn’t help myself … there are some great resume tips sprinkled in here as well!


Interview Insights: Insider’s Overview with an Interview Coach

This course is geared toward:  You?  If so, you are probably an early to mid-level professional with at least some experience interviewing already.

You’re probably already a knowledgeable, talented contributor (or I can help you realize that you are!)  You just need some insider’s ideas on how to show employers this so you stand out – and maybe some encouragement!

Most likely, you are interested in working for a small to mid-sized organization (business, non-profit, creative, teaching and other fields) However, this is for *anyone* that feels drawn to it. All are welcome!

This is an overview course which will be expanded upon in more detail in the Interview Strategies course (coming soon!)


Interview Insights: Insider’s Overview with an Interview Coach


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