Interview Tips: Past Post Picks

I actually already have 27 posts in the Interview Tips category of this blog. Feel free to read them all!


  1. Video:  Top 10 Tips for Interviewing   Maybe it’s because of  David Letterman, but people seem to love Top 10 Lists.  Here are MY top 10 tips for interviewing (view video)  An oldie but goodie, I was asked to create 1 minute videos for e-how for popular search terms, back in I think 2007. These tips still hold true!
  2. What I Learned From Applying for (and Turning Down) a Job Offer to be a Contract Resume Writer for a Large Job Search Website – Interviewing & the Interviewer:  Once, quiet awhile ago, I applied for a posting for a Contract position with a large online job search services website. I share what I learned, about these types of companies, and, interviewing, in this post. I plan on writing more about what to expect from different kinds of resume writers and resume writing companies, too, soon… they are NOT all alike! But I digress…
  3. Video:  How To Answer Behavioral Interviewing Questions:  Another of my first ever videos, again for e-how. These are quick tips on how to answer questions in a behavioral interview by following a specific, simple structure that proves you have the skills you claim on your resume. I still teach this method – because – it WORKS!
  4. Popular Interview Questions (The Basics):  We’ve ALL been asked most of these questions, and yet, many of us still trip over how to answer them!  TIP:  many of these may be worded as “Tell me about a time that you . . .”—have an example story ready to tell! (see #3 above) NOTE:  I share a 50 Behavioral Question Sample List with all my interview coaching clients that are much more specific.
  5. Who’s Interviewing Who?:  Remembering that you are an asset to any organization and each company is on try-out status with you, too.  Empower yourself  – be a job-shopper.

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