Is Hiring a Resume Writer Worth It? Or Can You Just Do It Yourself? TAKE THE QUIZ!


1. If you already have a resume, and you’ve been sending it out for at least a month or more, are you getting interviews from it? Y/N?


2. Do you know your unique skills and contributions, what makes you stand out from the competition, or, do you think you do a good job at work, but couldn’t articulate specifically why someone should notice your resume, or hire you?   Y/N?



3. Do you have specific challenges or questions about your work history/resume that online searches for information or books haven’t adequately answered for you, or other issues you need personal input about regarding your resume? Y/N?


4. Scale of 1 – 10 (1 lowest/10 highest), what is your level of interest in learning how to write an effective resume – and actually do it?


5. Scale of 1 – 10, how confident are you in your ability overall to write a strong, attention grabbing resume yourself?


6. Scale of 1-10, how willing are you to invest time and effort in this core job search/career tool, and how many hours, to research and learn how to write it yourself?


7. Scale of 1-10, how willing are you to invest $$ to get a professional’s help, and how much?


What do your answers mean?


Find out here:  Download the complementary pdf e-guide

“Do You Really NEED a Resume Writer? (Or Can You Just DIY It?)


Check out the video version of this guide on Udemy or Skillshare as an online class

(the pdf guide is also included with each course)


I’ve been writing resumes professionally for 15+ years, and literally working on hundreds (likely 1000’s) of resumes. I’d simply have to truthfully say (though I’m well aware it sounds like I’m trying to sell you)

Most people do need help, or would at least benefit from professional help. I’d guesstimate that 90- 95% of resumes I see could be improved – more often than not, dramatically – with some help. It’s competitive out there.

This class and guide will help you assess:

  • Your SKILL level for writing your resume
  • Your time and budget you have available for your resume and
  • Your level of personal interest in learning HOW to “DIY it”


  • How to pick a pro for your needs, if you opt to hire someone (me, or another writer too).


Who can truly do a good (or good enough) job on their own (DIY – do it yourself)?

Truth? SOME. Not everyone.

That’s my honest, professional assessment given my 15+ years in this career.

**There’s no shame in needing resume help!** I probably don’t know how to do what YOU know how to do after all!

HOWEVER, depending on your interest and ability in “doing it yourself” (DIYing it), some people can do a nice job, even a great job, especially if they can apply professional feedback and guidance. My other class “How to Pass the Resume Scan Tests” (Software Scanners AND Humans) has lots of helpful input if that interests you.

So I offer the e-class/video version, along with a pdf guide, to help job seekers to assess themselves with a QUICK QUIZ – and – detailed input for those that dig the details:

We’ll go over:

  • How do you know if you actually NEED a professional resume writer?
  • Could you probably do just as good yourself?
  • What to look for in an ok, good, and great writer – and what to avoid
  • The price range/details to expect at each level of service
  • If the writer you already hired did a good job – or not

This course, and the accompanying 20 page pdf INSIDER’S GUIDE includes:

  • check lists,
  • quick clarity quizzes, and
  • comparison tables for fast reference,

And for the more detail inclined folks ,it also includes more detailed input and explanations, too!

Hope this helps you decide what’s best for YOU – hiring a pro, or, DIYing it!


Check out the video version of this guide on Udemy or Skillshare