How to Sell Your Soft Skills

~You Got ‘Skilz~

It is extraordinary how extraordinary the ordinary person is.” – George F. Will

Sell your top 3 “soft skills” (personal traits).

They are what differentiate you from your competitors with

similar training & experience

Of the Top 10 qualities & traits employers want, what do you think is on the list?

>>Check out this info graphic to find out!<<

What are YOUR strongest “soft skills”?

How can you capture and demonstrate them on your resume?

Cover Letters?

During an interview?

Here are a few examples:  motivation/initiative; flexibility/adaptability; team work/people skill

Here are a few examples of how to incorporate them into a:

Resume Cover Letter In an interview
Initiated new monthly reports process that improved productivity by 25% over 6 months. I am known as the “motivator” on my team; in fact, my manager noted on my last evaluation, “Jane regularly takes initiative to find what needs to be done and does it without being told.” Q: “Tell me about a time when you took initiative on the job.”

A: One time while I was a customer service rep for a call center, I noticed that there was something missing on the new information forms that was causing confusion and generating an increase in calls and wrong orders. I brought this to my supervisor’s attention, made suggestions for how to clarify the language, and even volunteered to update the document myself and distribute it. I got this done in 24 hours. My manager noted in the next staff meeting that my initiative to solve the problem was exemplary.

Can you pick out the common factor with HOW to communicate your soft skills?

> Use an example! <

Demonstrate the skill, don’t just say you have it (in this case, initiative and motivation).

It’s much more impressive to SHOW how you use the skill, see?

PS:  Most soft skills are also valuable ‘transferable skills’ – skills that are useful in various types of work and industries. Check out my post 7 Transferable Skills – and How to Talk About Them” for more ideas!