Mojo MAGIC: Know Your Value!

Knowing Your Value

A successful job search is a combination of:

Feeling good and aligned with your goals
(and actively managing to rebuild and maintain this positive anticipation),

and, of course,

Taking concrete, pragmatic action.

The input I got from a client recently, that I shared in the last newsletter (Real Job Seekers: Ask for Help!) is worth repeating here, because it drives this point home.

She said,

The exercises you had me complete during your process gave me a reenergized confidence in my own worth that lead me to be more diligent in my job search.” 

There it is: confidence in your worth.

I believe that “reclaiming your job search mojo” – your confidence – is about knowing, clearly, what your contributions to your past employers have been, as specifically quantified in business terms as possible.

1) This captures an employer’s attention when clearly shown on a resume and
2)  This also gives you negotiating power in the interview process when you can show specific beneficial outcomes to your work, and it’s worth to the employer!

Many people have a hard time for various reasons figuring this all out on their own, both the ‘what’s’ and the ‘how to share it’ parts. If this is you, you’re not alone.

I talk about how to do this in this video and this one, too, on my YouTube channel.

It can also be equally as important to realize the unique traits that ONLY YOU can bring to the table, and, very importantly, how to communicate these and talk about them clearly and convincingly.

All these things then bring the INNER experience of feeling at ease in trusting the job search journey, and holding out for the RIGHT job and employer that also clearly communicates they see that value and will respect and treat you in kind.

Both of these things COMBINED is the KEY to “job search mojo”


Working with me 1-1 or my “DIY – Quick Consults resources
to dig deep into your experiences & skills
= Mojo in action!

Confidence boost in determining/remembering your unique traits & contributions

= Managing  your mojo

Doing BOTH of these types of actions
is the winning combination!