Mojo MAGIC: The Mess


I was reading a newsletter I subscribe to today, I really related to the opening quote on a personal level, as I’ve been (it feels like, often) going through what is described here, regarding a major personal change I’ve been (trying to) make.

It stands to reason (based on past personal, and current client experiences), that at least some of  you, as job seekers might have gone, are are going, through something similar. See if you can relate, on a professional (or perhaps like me, some personal) level:

The end of a matter or an era can be very difficult if it is due to circumstances beyond one’s control and not a matter of choice.

Likewise, the start of a new direction in life or a new era can be messy and chaotic, too, until one clearly understands the choices that are available and the consequences that are likely to result from those choices.”

— from Merriam Market Analyst 2022 Forecast

The writer goes on to compare new beginning cycles (aka, job searches, as an example) as akin to a baby stage. It’s all still so new, you don’t have much control, you fumble around, you probably get frustrated (maybe even cry)… but… also… you are *constantly learning* and growing, what works / helps, what doesn’t… and in TIME, all that learning DOES help you evolve forward, grow, and develop mastery, success!


Remember, an important job search “how to” is finding
(or rather, creating) a combination of:

Feeling good and aligned with your goals (aka managing your mojo)
(and actively managing to rebuild and maintain this positive anticipation),

and, of course,

Taking concrete, pragmatic action (aka mojo in action)
Managing  your mojo + Mojo in action!


I don’t know about you, but I somehow still think that my progress should look like a steady upward STRAIGHT LINE….

But the reality is, it’s really more like a (yes – MESSY!) squiggle, or at least  a series of hills, often with some sidetrack paths (intentional, or, as a result of getting a bit lost sometimes!)

I think it helps to hear that this is all part of the process – a common, even normal, to be expected part of the natural cycle of change, of endings and beginnings – both personally, and, therefore, professionally, too.

Managing your mojo =
accept, don’t sweat, the messy process

Mojo in action =
keep trying, keep learning, and notice what works (and what doesn’t) along the way 


Standing here in the middle of the squiggle, cheering you on, as always. Reach out anytime if you’d like some assistance on straightening your job search path!