Nay Sayers & Other Well Meaning Folks

Feeling discouraged by well meaning people in your life that think you should take any job you can find & otherwise don’t support your desire for work that you at the very least don’t hate?

Consider these:

* “You have a nice voice, but it’s nothing special.” – What a teacher said when rejecting Diana Ross after she auditioned for a part in a high school musical.

* “The language on the floor is too rough and there’s no ladies’ room.” -The response of officials of the New York Stock Exchange when Muriel Siebert wanted to buy a seat in 1967. She bought a seat on the exchange anyway and remained the only woman there for nine years.

* “You have the perfect voice for broadcasting, but you should get a job as a secretary. We’re not using women.” – What announcers for NBC Radio told Sally Jessy Raphael when she applied for a job after graduation from Columbia University.

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