Pay it Forward at Work


April 24, 2014 is National Pay it Forward Day. From the official website, Pay It Forward Day is about all people, from all walks of life giving to someone else and making a positive difference.


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While it’s true that what goes around comes around, the catch is that what you put out there will usually not come back to you from the same person or exactly the same way you gave.

Networking and helping each other out are key to business and career success.

Here are a few ways to Pay it Forward in our work:

— Mentor a student or new grad formally or informally on good work habits, job search strategies and protocols. If you’ve never had a job, or very few, it really can be intimidating to know what is expected (and easy to do the wrong thing). I still remember my mom preparing me for my first interview at 14, and, how the interviewer, her friend & boss, graciously led me through it – what a gift I still remember 30+ years later!

— Become a champion for the best employees in your spheres—both below your paygrade and equal or greater than yours. What manager doesn’t want her boss to hear that her subordinates think she’s doing a great job (and yes, there IS a way to do that without seeming like a kiss-a$$ or opportunist! It’s all about the tone, timing, and intention, and keeping it compliment and compliment only, not tied to any requests or anything to do with you or your work)

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