Simple (and Effective) Interview Tips – Part I

Interviewing Tips – Part I of II

Some of this is likely just a friendly reminder, but, it never hurts to hear it again, or, to even get ONE new helpful tip (plus, we can forget things if we’re out of practice, or, when we’re nervous!)

  1. Do a ‘dry run’ ahead of time to see how long it takes you to get to the interview location, and what awaits you . . . is there adequate parking?  Will you have to walk a long distance?  Do you know which is the correct building? Try to go at the same time of day as the interview to get the best idea.
  2. This likely goes without saying but ARRIVE EARLY. No more than 10 minutes, though, or the employer may be inconvenienced or feel pressured by you waiting there.
  3. Bring a nice pen (no chewed caps, please!)
  4. Bring extra copies of your resume to distribute if necessary.
  5. Be on your best interview behavior from the moment you step on the property to the moment you leave.  Smile, be friendly.  You never know when that woman you made small talk with in the bathroom may turn out to be the hiring manager!  Employers often ask the front desk staff or receptionist that greeted you what they thought of you and how you interacted with them.
  6. Give a firm and confident but not gripping handshake.  Have eye contact during the handshake.  Smile!
  7. Remember names.
  8. Ask to take notes before you do (if you’d like to take notes).
  9. Wait to sit until the interview indicates which seat you should take.  You don’t want to sit in their seat with the view of the clock!
  10. Remember that the typical first question is usually “Tell me about yourself.” This should be a professional recap; don’t launch into a detailed description of your Pilates classes or son’s soccer games! Offering personal information opens up way to many cans of worms!

Here’s Part II of II for the Interview Tips

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