Staying Connected: LI & Leave for Dads


Papa Smurf at Work

My dear friend from college recently became a first time father! He was actually indirectly instrumental in getting me eventually started as a resume writer, because being a good writer himself he would help me, very early on in my previous career as a social worker, to hone my own resumes with great tips on succinct copy.

He also loves the Beatles. While I was waiting on baited breath for the official announcement, I turned on my Beatles Pandora radio station in his honor. The first song played was, “Here Comes the Sun”, and I instantly knew Max, my friend’s SON, had arrived! I got the text confirming this 5 minutes later.

I realized that for June, my friend really weaves through a few job search and work related themes often on my mind: dads at work (see below), and, staying connected with friends & your network through space & time.

LinkedIn (and email/texting, too) lets you do much easier than ‘back in our old pre-internet days’! No excuses!

Important milestones, like this one, birthdays, work anniversaries (which LI so kindly reminds us of for our connections), and/or some sort of important or memorable date/event in your history with your friends & networking connections are great times to reach out ‘just because’, and stay current. 

In my YouTube video: How To Rock Your Job Search References, I mention that if the only time your contacts ever hear from you is when you want something (like a recommendation), it’s not really an authentic connection. Stay in touch periodically. LinkedIn makes this SO easy to do (they even sent you notices of your contacts’ achievements, work anniversaries, birthdays, etc. to make this MUCH easier!)

Are we connected on LI? Request a connection here!


It’s the month of Father’s Day, so let’s think about the important men in our lives, and how workplace leave and societal values can help us all live more well rounded lives – which IMO, includes keeping in touch with friends, and time with family, friends, and other people and activities important in our lives in and outside of work.

Honoring Father’s, and Father Types, at Work and Home

In honor of Father’s Day, (helpful tip: it’s always the 3rd Sunday of June) and my friend’s first celebration as a dad, let’s remember that pappa’s want to connect to and bond with their babies, too, and, have the right (usually) to take time off from work to do so here in the States.
A dad busy at his most important job!


Paternity leave: What are the options for dads?

Here’s an article about what Swedish dads’ leave is like (it’s much more supportive than here in the US)

Snack Bags and a Regular Paycheck: The Happy Life of a Swedish Dad

More reasonable time off (for new parents, or at any time) is a notable difference between work and labor laws in the US and much of the rest of the modernized working world. HINT: most have it better than us – why is that? 

How paid vacation time is different around the world

Countries with the most vacation days

Study after study show that productivity actually INCREASES with fewer required working hours (like 4 days work weeks, 32-36 hour work weeks) and work from home/flex schedule options.

These are some of the things I post about regularly on my LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, and write about in my weekly newsletters, too. Let’s connect there, too!

So Happy Father’s Day, dads and father figures all! We know not all dads or those types in our lives are biological after all.

Reach out to all of YOURS today, and reconnect! Enjoy that time with people that matter to you, old and new!