Part III: What I Learned From Applying for (and Turning Down) a Job Offer to be a Contract Resume Writer for a Large Job Search Website

  Part III:  Evaluating the Company and Job Offer Recently I stumbled upon a job posting for a Contract Resume Writer position with a large online job search services website that shall remain nameless.  Find out how I came to find this opportunity and why I went ahead and applied for it  by requesting the cover letter (as a sample with strategy commentary just for you!) I sent in for this position. This experience was really just a strong, first-hand rerun of things I already knew but just hadn’t had happen directly TO me in awhile.  I’m so glad I did this because it Read More

Who’s Interviewing Who?

“Luck, to me (means) hard work – and realizing what is opportunity and what isn’t.” -Lucille Ball I encourage you to remember that you are interviewing THEM, too.  Do your homework.  Find out as much as you can about a company before interviewing with them. Do internet research, talk to your network and see if anyone knows anyone who works for that company, then see if you can talk to that person. Get copies of their annual reports and get a feel for the tone of the organization and their priorities.  Only interview with companies you think you would like Read More