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Real HR Stories: What NOT to Do

“We ought to be able to learn some thing second hand.   There is not enough time for us to make all of the mistakes ourselves.”  – Harriet Hall Just for fun (but also, some education, perhaps…) here’s just a sampling of some real life, straight from employers/recruiters (and one of my own memorable client […]

You Must Be Joking! Real Examples from Real Resumes

  In the spirit of April Fool’s Day,  here are some real life examples of things some misinformed (and sorry to say, foolish) job seekers ACTUALLY WROTE ON THEIR RESUMES. Compliments of my recruiter friend (and she works for a very large and prestigious international firm hiring mid-level to senior professionals, not high school students to […]

Easy to Fix Resume Mistakes

I’ve literally seen 1000’s of resumes over more than 15 years. These are some very common boo-boo’s that I see a lot, and, are easy to correct yourself. Even small changes and improvements can make a BIG positive difference on your resume! Resume Writing No-No’s: NO TYPPOS!!!! You KNEW that, I know!  (And yes, I […]

6 Random Resume Writing Tips, Inspired by Client Experience

Here’s a collection of resume writing tips that were inspired as I, well, may I be blunt here?  They come from the simple mistakes I continue to constantly see in the original resumes of my clients.  Please, no need to be ashamed, though, these are VERY common errors. And, in the end, the folks that […]