Take this Job and ….

shoveit ?    or     take-this-job-and-love-it  ?

Real Job Seeker Question:  

I’m thinking I might say to hell with it & quit my job. Just wondering, do you think it’s true that it’s harder to find one when you don’t have one, or do you think it’s a myth?

Could this (intolerable circumstances) be a “sign” to move on – NOW?”


My Response:


I don’t blame you at all! I’d be thinking the same thing about leaving if I was you, based on what I know about the situation (and I know I’ve only read snippets you’ve chosen to share & that there’s much, much more) ….

I love the insight about the message possibly being “Leave sooner!” Could VERY well be! And “absolutely toxic” is a strong phrase, not to be ignored.

I don’t have a strong opinion about it being harder or not to find another job while you’re unemployed. Yes, there are some statistics that say it is harder to get a job without one. I tend to think the employer just wonders why, and what you are doing. So addressing that somehow is important in the search process IMO.

On a practical level, if you do quit, I’d find something that you are doing to put on cover letters, maybe even resume/LinkedIn as your current ‘job’/’gig’. Be ready with a good reason for leaving & co-worker references or just use HR contact info in future, since your manager did leave & wasn’t replaced yet when you left.

That said, I’m too much of a person that puts mental/emotional well being ahead of anything else so I’d never personally or professional advise anyone to stay somewhere they are miserable & sucks energy & vitality. I believe our “vibe” & feelings are so important to attracting things …. that said …

Some people’s energy/vibe would DROP if they left a toxic environment without something else lined up, because maybe their beliefs about this being a bad/irresponsible/risky (etc) thing would outweigh the good of being out of it, perhaps; some people’s vibe would drop because the fear about where the money would then come from, not being able to find something else fast enough, etc. would be more powerful for them than the ick factor of the stress, etc. of the bad work environment… you get the idea.

So my input would really depend on where anyone – where YOU are with that – which feels better?

Which can you tolerate more?

Both will require some conscious, dedicated work with the thoughts & feelings that are challenging ( staying there & dealing with those unpleasant factors, or to leaving without another job lined up & dealing with whatever that choice might bring up for you) — which are you more apt to want to embrace with the better feeling?

Which is less draining, scary, etc?

Which is more hopeful, encouraging, freeing?