‘Tis the Season – for Seasonal Work

When you’re looking for full time work, sometimes odd sources of extra income can come in quite handy (see last  post  Being a Crafty Earner, too)

For example, ‘tis the season (almost) for holiday workers of all kinds. Get your application in early – some start this month, some around the beginning of November.

Many employers are particularly looking to hire folks that can continue to work after Christmas and into January to help deal with sale shoppers, returns, and the general end of the holiday hoopla in any seasonal business.

If you are reading this weeks after I posted this, though, don’t give up trying necessarily, though.  Some of the holiday help they hired for the Thanksgiving rush might not be working out so well, and in you walk, confident, capable, professional – you might just be hired on the spot!

Retail is the most obvious option, but many types of employers need temporary/seasonal extra help, including many restaurants and banquet halls, caterers, and hotels and of course any of the delivery services, especially now with online orders being huge.

If you live in an area that has tourism this time of year, think of all of the businesses related to that tourism, they may need extra help during the holidays and throughout the winter.

Here in Florida, all of the above mentioned businesses hire extra workers during the ‘snow bird’ season. Temporary agencies also may have extra openings with regular staff at many companies taking vacation time this time of the year. No, the pay scale isn’t likely to be enough to meet all your bills, but sometimes it’s worth it for the extra pocket cash, and to get out of the house and interacting with people again.

You’ll meet new contacts, and thus add to your network of supportive folks keeping their eyes and ears out for work for you.  BTW, I’ve written several blog posts here, here, and here about networking & how to talk to new people about the work you are looking for.

Keep in mind that tax season is coming up, too.  Perhaps a local CPA or other tax professional could use some additional office support on a contract basis?  One year I took the H&R Block Tax Preparer Training & worked tax season for them – the training was quite good & thorough.  And now I can do my own taxes with ease.  So if you’re numbers/detail oriented, that’s an option to look into now, too.

Let’s face it, most holiday employers won’t turn into long term opportunities, even if you wanted them too, but, if you make a great impression (and I know you will!), most managers will do what they can to help you find work in your field, utilizing their own networks and contacts.

Do consider this, though when looking for short term work of any kind – if you are receiving unemployment compensation, you will want to understand exactly how, if at all, your working will affect your benefits BEFORE you start working.

May you have a creative and fruitful holiday season!