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Real Job Seeker Stories: “One Thing Leads to Another”

  Career Stepping Stones & Job Search Success:   One Saturday I was talking to my new neighbor over the fence, & she told me a story about how her current job – and likely, future opportunities that are even more likely to be suited to her skills and interests, “fell into her lap” and I knew […]

Real Job Seeker Stories: Unexpected Opportunity in Unusual Environment

   “Experience is a master teacher, even when it’s not our own.”― Gina Greenlee  Social Media Manager … and… Candle Maker? I shared this inspiring post on LinkedIn recently, and just had to share this with you, too.  I not only adore this sort of synchronicity in general, but over the 15+ years I’ve been working with job seekers, I have […]

Q & A: They Asked When I Can Start – But I Have Vacations Planned Soon – What Should I Say?

  JOB SEEKER QUESTION: I received this question from a job seeker client of mine recently. She has had a series of interviews with a preferred employer (woo hoo!) when she came upon this dilemma I bet at least some of you have faced…   “I was able to land an interview (total of 3 […]

Real Job Seeker: Ordinary to Extraordinary!

  I had a very illustrative series of communications with a client recently that when it happened, I just KNEW I had to share with other job seekers, because these “real examples” can really help – and inspire- others, just like YOU. (shared with client permission and made anonymous) I’m going to call this client […]

CLIENT STORY: 6 Years Later, Interview Practice Still Pays Off…

  Last week I woke up to a WONDERFUL email from a former client. We’d done a 3 or 4 hour package of Behavioral (Structural) Interview Practice & Coaching years ago. I remember John fondly as a very ATYPICAL engineer at Boeing who reached out for help, not having interviewed for a job in I […]