CLIENT SAYS: I Know Now – Write Individual Cover Letters (Not a “One Letter for All”)

“Thank you so much for taking the time and making the effort with my resume.  It looks good and concise and gets to the point.  I saved your advice pertaining to cover letters as well so I might make a better effort in writing individual letters for those involved instead of a one letter cover […]

CLIENT SAYS: Decades of results!

I am always especially honored when I have repeat clients (and/or referrals from them) – both are true with this long time client. I’ve helped Meg change or shift careers several times by rewriting her resume to target new goals, and helped her husband with his resume a couple times, too!  “I’ve been working with […]

CLIENT SAYS: Blown Away by the 1st Draft!

  I just wanted to say, I am blown away by it already. Even though it is a draft, you have taken what I thought was just repetitive experience and turned it into something that stands out. You highlight things I never would have thought of! — Jodie, Child & Family Advocate, Non-Profit Project Manager, […]

CLIENT SAYS: Resume Help is Paying Off AGAIN!

  Recently I received this email from a client from 2019. This is my favorite kind – you’ll see why: “I’ve recently been looking for a job again. Your help from 2019 is paying off again. It used to be that I would send out dozens of resumes just to get a couple of responses. […]

TESTIMONIAL: More than just a Resume Writer….

I was so thrilled by this feedback from someone that found me online, I have to share:    “Frankly, I am intrigued by your method of presenting yourself.  Might be an odd way to say this.. but, I felt you weren’t presenting yourself just as a resume writer who will write a resume, get paid […]