Evaluating a Job Offer – Know Your Personal Bottom Lines

Beyond Salary & Benefits   The long awaited job offer has come – and now you have to decide – to take it, or, keep looking. It can be difficult to turn down any offer while job searching, especially if you have family and/or financial pressure. However, I want to encourage you to learn how to evaluate every offer (link to related post) according to your highest needs and desires in your career, and personal life (we know how they inevitably intertwine!) The how & why you might turn down a job offer, even when you really need one can be a Read More

Reinvigorate Your Job Search (and Workplace) Spirits

Barbara Winter, author of “Making a Living Without a Job” is one of my sources of ideas and inspiration in my business, since 1999 when I first read her book (long before I had a business, I knew I wanted one!)   As I read a blog post of hers, I found thoughts coming to mind about how MY clients, whether they are current job seekers, or have found new jobs after working with me, could take these ideas, “10 Ways to Feed Your Joyfully Jobless Spirit” and apply them to a job search, or, on the job.   Barbara says: Read More

It’s a Bit Stuart Smalley, but . . .

    I came upon this from a post from a page I am a “fan” of on my Facebook Page & thought how fun it would be to make some of these & secretly, randomly post them around town – and I just might!  And I encourage you to do, so, too, if so inspired! (and then write & tell me about it!)   Then I thought, “If I did a Positive Thoughts just for Job Seekers” version, what should it say?   Here’s a few of my thoughts – love you to add yours in the comments below.  Read More

Putting Intention to Work – Synchronistic Secrets in Job Search Success

  “There’s no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love. There is only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen.” ― Wayne W. Dyer This is an old Wayne Dyer Facebook post I saved because I just love it! It speaks so clearly about taking concrete action with law of attraction in mind to create synchronistic opportunities. I really do believe the secret to a successful job search for work you love it blended the two – mindset first and action that aligns with it. Dr. Dyer says: “Act upon the inner picture. Begin to act Read More

You are Not Your Job: Spiritual and Practical Steps to Working with Self Esteem

  Losing a job.  Not getting an interview.  Equating our job title or salary with our value as a person.  These are all ways that our self-esteem can be tied, erroneously, to our career.   Sometimes we fall into the trap of equating work-related events and status with our self worth.  Even though we all know that saying “It’s not personal, it’s business”, who hasn’t felt personally slighted by getting passed up for a promotion or getting laid off, even if you are one of many in your company downsize? Positive recognition as Sales Manager of the Month or a Read More