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Mojo MAGIC: Balancing Effort & Surrender

  There’s a lot of wisdom in the Serenity Prayer that applies to most any area of life, even outside of 12 Step addiction recovery programs. If you don’t know it: “Grant me the serenity To accept the things I cannot change The courage to change the things I can And the wisdom to know […]

Evaluating a Job Offer – Know Your Personal Bottom Lines

Beyond Salary & Benefits   The long awaited job offer has come – and now you have to decide – to take it, or, keep looking. It can be difficult to turn down any offer while job searching, especially if you have family and/or financial pressure. However, I want to encourage you to learn how […]

Real Job Seeker Stories: Timing, Waiting & Synchronicity…

Doubtless you’ve heard the phrase, “It’s all about the timing.” It’s not easy to trust this during a job search. Can you push the timing, or do you just have to wait?

Mojo MAGIC: The Key to Effective, Efficient Action

  I think it’s really important to remind you of these core ideas, because, well, it bear repeating, especially in this “Go go go!” hustle culture where we’re all supposed to “make” things happen. Well. OK. If that’s your thing. But largely, I feel like action simply for action’s sake is a waste of precious […]

Mojo MAGIC: Know Your Value!

Knowing Your Value A successful job search is a combination of: Feeling good and aligned with your goals (and actively managing to rebuild and maintain this positive anticipation), and, of course, Taking concrete, pragmatic action. The input I got from a client recently, that I shared in the last newsletter (Real Job Seekers: Ask for […]