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Mojo MAGIC: Confidence Booster – References & Reviews

CONFIDENCE BOOSTER:  References and Reviews “Oh would some power the gift give us, to see ourselves as others see us!”  – Robbie Burns   Need a confidence boost?  Reread your reference letters, and/or annual reviews. Or if you don’t have reference letters from key people you could or should, get on that & get ready for […]

Mojo MAGIC: Restore & Reset

  I recently took a *proper* vacation – aka – I didn’t even answer emails (gasp!) I highly recommend taking *total* time off. I tend to work to some degree, as I’m betting many of you do, too, all the time, especially in always doing email and certain “core” things (like writing blog posts and […]

Mojo MAGIC: The Mess

  I was reading a newsletter I subscribe to today, I really related to the opening quote on a personal level, as I’ve been (it feels like, often) going through what is described here, regarding a major personal change I’ve been (trying to) make. It stands to reason (based on past personal, and current client experiences), that […]

Mojo MAGIC: Get Aligned to SHINE

Remember, an important job search “how to” is finding (or rather, creating) a combination of: Feeling good and aligned with your goals (and actively managing to rebuild and maintain this positive anticipation – managing your ‘mojo’), and, of course, Taking concrete, pragmatic action. I want to stress this time that  what it says here – rest, […]

Mojo MAGIC: Positively the Past – It’s a BLAST!

Just for fun, any “classic” SNL fans out there? Who remembers the repeat, ever encouraging, unofficial counselor character that, doggone it, people liked? (Note: I’m not sure if Stuart Smalley (or much of especially retro Saturday Night Live” shows are considered modern day “PC” or not, so hopefully I’m not offending anyone, it’s all meant […]