Don’t Be a Job Search Joke – Recruiters Aren’t Kidding About This Advice

  “The foolish man is always doing, yet much remains to be done. The wise man does nothing, yet nothing remains undone.” – Lao Tzu April Fool’s week, did someone play a joke on you?  Was it a good one? Sometimes we think that multi-tasking is the wisest way to be productive. Or we think blanketing our resume everywhere in an attempt to be “doing everything we can”  is the best strategy for getting ourselves out there & finding a job. We’d be kidding ourselves if we did.   Click here to visit Ask a Manager.   A friend of Read More


You Must Be Joking! Real Examples from Real Resumes

  In the spirit of April Fool’s Day,  here are some real life examples of things some misinformed (and sorry to say, foolish) job seekers ACTUALLY WROTE ON THEIR RESUMES. Compliments of my recruiter friend (and she works for a very large and prestigious international firm hiring mid-level to senior professionals, not high school students to flip burgers and McDonalds, just so we’re clear!) They’d be funny if they weren’t real examples of WHAT NOT TO DO: “Challenged personal endurance and will power by driving from Atlanta to Los Angeles in under 72 hours” “Golds Gym Member since 2006” “Thinks being Read More


Resume Reader Pet Peeves

“We ought to be able to learn some thing second hand.   There is not enough time for us to make all of the mistakes ourselves.”  – Harriet Hall   Here’s just a sampling of some real life, straight from employers/recruiters – the Real Resume Reader Pet Peeves & “Oh, Please Don’t Do This” stories. It’s the job search version of “What Not to Wear” – the don’t do’s, turn-offs and professional faux pas.   Remember two things: 1) We can learn from other’s mistakes (what to do and NOT to do!) and 2) Employers get so many applicants, they Read More