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Simple (and Effective) Interview Tips – Part I

Interviewing Tips – Part I of II Some of this is likely just a friendly reminder, but, it never hurts to hear it again, or, to even get ONE new helpful tip (plus, we can forget things if we’re out of practice, or, when we’re nervous!) Do a ‘dry run’ ahead of time to see […]

Interview Tips: Past Post Picks

I actually already have 27 posts in the Interview Tips category of this blog. Feel free to read them all! Video:  Top 10 Tips for Interviewing   Maybe it’s because of  David Letterman, but people seem to love Top 10 Lists.  Here are MY top 10 tips for interviewing (view video)  An oldie but goodie, I […]

Should You Do a Free Work Sample “Test” in an Interview?

  A recent LI post from a recruiter I follow (Lauren McDonald, to give due credit) said (in part), something that caught my attention. She wrote: DO NOT GIVE OUT IDEAS FOR FREE DURING INTERVIEWS – answer the question but don’t feed them with ideas. It’s complete BS. If they want to pay you for […]

VIDEO: How to Follow Up After an Interview

Ways to Follow Up After an Interview – Thank You Letter? IN THIS VIDEO: — How Should I Follow Up After a Job Interview? — Sending a Thank You Letter After an Interview CHECK OUT MORE VIDEOS:  Resume Confidence YouTube channel & SUBSCRIBE while you’re there!

HR MANAGER SAYS: Your Advice is Always Spot On

Straight from my Resume Confidence Facebook page: Stephanie Goddard Resume preparation is CRITICAL for interview preparation. I agree with your thorough style completely. Thursday at 1:34pm · Unlike ·  1 Resume Confidence by Shannon Terry Thanks, Stephanie. You have an HR background, right? They often find it builds their confidence, too . . once they get over feeling a bit overwhelmed […]