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Real Bad “Cover Letters” – (cover letters that are real, and, really bad!)

  Real cover letters – real reasons you should NOT copy these really bad examples: Letter #1 (sent to my friend that owns a small business and also supplied good input about what hiring mangers want in my last blog, “Follow Directions!“) “Your company is looking for a motivated individual that offers many characteristics that […]

Writing an Attention-Getting Cover Letter

YES, you HAVE to include a cover letter with EVERY resume you submit. I get asked that a lot, and wish I could give you the answer you probably want! Writing cover letters doesn’t have to be hard – (yes, really!)  ( I can help you make it much, much easier, though.) But they do need […]

Housestay Vacay: Writing a Compelling Housesitter Profile

  Fall leaf peeping trip?  Someone else’s home for the holidays? I’ve written a few posts like Job Relocation Exploration & How to Still Go Out of Town While Out of Work and Ho Ho Home for the Holidays about using house & pet sitting as a way to both save money and sanity (by […]