6 Ideas to Bring Fresh Energy to Your Job Search

  Finding a job can really weigh heavy on our minds, emotions and energy levels, especially if it’s been awhile and there haven’t been any good leads or bites. I get it! Try these ideas to put some fresh new energy into your job search! 1) Send a Networking Letter to friends & trusted colleagues.  They’re the ones that want to help us the most after all! But often really don’t quite know what exactly it is that we do, or want to do next. Help them out by spelling it out!  Click the link to get a sample letter with comments Read More

5 Easy – but Important – LinkedIn Profile Tips

  1. Don’t duplicate your resume. They should complement each other. The LinkedIn profile reinforces your brand,showcases unique attributes, and conveys personality. The resume presents accomplishments and relevant contributions to a targeted audience. 2. You NEED a good headshot photo, whether it’s  done by a professional photographer or not, you need to look professional in it. 3. Security and Privacy: if you are currently employed, be aware of your security settings to avoid alerting their employer and others.  Go to:  Settings/Privacy Controls/Click on “Turn on/off activity broadcasts..  Un-check the box that says “Let people know when you change your profile, make recommendations, or follow Read More

Real Client Stories: Networking Well

  Most people know that networking is THE best way to get considered for a job – an advertised one, or more importantly, the “hidden job market” – those job openings that aren’t posted anywhere.   There are many people, though, maybe even most (?), that are not sure HOW to reach out to their networks (personal or professional), when they are job searching.     Here are two creative, inspiring examples from REAL job seekers:   Use Social Media Well:   I stumbled on what I thought was a great example of one way to communicate your job search & needs Read More

Where are All the Jobs Hidin’ (and how do you find them?)

  Where are all the jobs hidin’ (and how do you find them?)     **Mailing out resumes (snail mail, posting on job-boards/co. website): success rate 7-10% (does that low rate surprise you? did you think online posting was the way to go?)   **Applying to ads in prof journals in your field: also 7% success rate   **Applying from an online or print newspaper ad: 5-24% (varies by salary level – higher pay jobs = less success with this method)   *Use employment agencies (remember, NEVER pay them, the employer should be the one paying!): 5-28% ( range is Read More

Be Assertive – Not Annoying: Ways to Follow Up Without Aggravating Anyone

  So you followed the networking blog post advice & made some new contacts – good for you!  Are you thinking, “Sooooo, now what?”  Job seekers often struggle with the notion of following up with networking contacts, so you’re not alone. Many are concerned that they will be perceived as a nuisance if they follow up with a contact too aggressively – which could be true, actually. Is that what you thought I’d say?  I know a lot of advice out there advocates what they would call an assertive, persistent approach, telling you, “You’ll seem motivated, which is a good thing.”  Read More