Be Assertive – Not Annoying: Ways to Follow Up Without Aggravating Anyone

  So you followed the networking blog post advice & made some new contacts – good for you!  Are you thinking, “Sooooo, now what?”  Job seekers often struggle with the notion of following up with networking contacts, so you’re not alone. Many are concerned that they will be perceived as a nuisance if they follow up with a contact too aggressively – which could be true, actually. Is that what you thought I’d say?  I know a lot of advice out there advocates what they would call an assertive, persistent approach, telling you, “You’ll seem motivated, which is a good thing.”  Read More


30 Second Commercials (aka “The Elevator Speech”)

  Now that you have your 10-second tagline well honed (see last post), you can expand it into your “30-second commercial”, also know in job search circles as “The Elevator Speech”. 30-Second Commercial Second step:  When someone seems interested, and asks another question or for more details, then you can launch into your “30 second commercial”/”elevator speech”, which expands upon what you’ve already shared.  You start to paint in the sketch with a few more details.  A 30-Second Commercial might include: examples of companies and/or job titles in the past a key accomplishment or skill set or two short description Read More

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How To Answer the “So, what do you do?” Question

All of us have heard the old saying,” It’s not what you know but who you know.”  I say in this job search market, we need to rewrite this to read “It’s who and what you know.”  Knowing someone will hopefully get your foot in an otherwise closed or hidden door for a meeting, but you still need to know your field and have the skills an employer needs to actually get hired. The “who you know” part of networking can include people you meet on the street, so to speak, as well as your current group of friends, family, Read More


Pay it Forward at Work

  April 24, 2014 is National Pay it Forward Day. From the official website, Pay It Forward Day is about all people, from all walks of life giving to someone else and making a positive difference.     While it’s true that what goes around comes around, the catch is that what you put out there will usually not come back to you from the same person or exactly the same way you gave. Networking and helping each other out are key to business and career success. Here are a few ways to Pay it Forward in our work: — Read More


Calling All Friends – the Networking Letter

  A broadcast letter is a networking tool that helps you let your group of friends, family, and business contacts know that you are looking for work, and asks them to keep their eyes and ears open for opportunities for you.   It also helps them know what you are looking for and a summary of your skills so they can better understand what would be a good fit for you.   Here’s a brief outline of a broadcast letter:   Purpose: To ask family and friends for help with your job search   Contents of the letter: Greeting with Read More