How to Sell Your Soft Skills

~You Got ‘Skilz~ “It is extraordinary how extraordinary the ordinary person is.” – George F. Will   Sell your top 3 “soft skills” (personal traits). They are what differentiate you from your competitors with similar training & experience Of the Top 10 qualities & traits employers want, what do you think is on the list? >>Check out this info graphic to find out!<<   What are YOUR strongest “soft skills”? How can you capture and demonstrate them on your resume? Cover Letters? During an interview?   Here are a few examples:  motivation/initiative; flexibility/adaptability; team work/people skill   Here are a Read More

QUIZ: How to tell if you need a Resume Writer

Is Hiring a Resume Writer Worth It? Or Can You Just Do It Yourself? You already know you need a great looking resume full of content that will stand out to employers – but – if paying for professional help really necessary? Can you do a good enough job on your own? How do you really know or determine that? Ask yourself the following questions. Note your honest answers: If you already have a resume, and you’ve been sending it out for at least a month or more, are you getting interviews from it? Do you know your unique skills Read More

Video: Communicating Better in Business

As the late Stephen Covey said in his famous (and fabulous) book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “Seek first to understand, and then to be understood.” Taking 1 minute and 34 seconds to get some ideas about how to communicate better at work could save you hours of time trying to get on the same page as a co-worker, or clearing up a miscommunication with a customer…let alone making sure you can clarify exactly what the boss expects of you! Check it out:    

Please and Thank You (+ Sample Letter – You’re Welcome!)

  Say your “please’s” and “thank you’s”, please! My momma raised me to send thank you letters, whether it was for the gifts I’d received as a child all the way up to making sure I followed up promptly after my first job interviews in high school.  And I still do this, all the time as seems appropriate.   I can’t tell you how many times both friends and employers or work colleagues have said to me, “It was so unexpected (or unnecessary, or both) but so nice (thoughtful, above & beyond) to receive your thank you note!” It’s a Read More

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to the Job Fair You Go . . .

A number of years ago I used to give free resume critiques at in person Women for Hire Job Fairs (seems they’ve shifted their focus to work at home opportunities – very cool!) They may not be as popular as they once were, but, they CAN be useful to attend, especially for getting in the door at a specific company that hosts one, or, for a targeted industry fair. Here’s 7 tips that will keep you from doing something dopey, being bashful, or getting grumpy at the job fair … Hi ho!  It’s happily off to work you go ….     7 Quick Read More