3 Great Reasons Staying Active Helps a Job Search

A job search client was telling me about all the professional networking groups he attends, about an interviewing workshop he was going to, and was quite interested when I mentioned he might like to join Toastmasters, an internationally known group for learning and practicing public speaking.   I commended him for his diligent activities, but, immediately encouraged him, as is my tendency, to make sure he relaxed, enjoyed some of his free time while he had it, and basically not to overdo things.   I do this to balance out the messages I believe we usually get from our culture, Read More

7 Transferable Skills – and How To Talk About Them

Regardless of your field, there are several key skills that almost any job requires or values.  They are skills that translate from one type of job into another, regardless of the industry or type of environment. Especially when you want to shift from one job title, department, or field to another, knowing how to market yourself for a new position by focusing on your transferable skills is vital!   Here are a few examples of what are often called ‘transferable skills’ that are valuable to most any employer: Written and verbal communication Computer skills – general familiarity with the internet, a Read More

Seeing Opportunity Differently

  Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki recommends in his bestselling book about creating financial freedom, “Work to learn, don’t work for money.” He also says that while most people might say the economy after September 11th was terrible because all the stock prices fell, if we look at the situation differently, it was a unique time to “buy low”, and invest for the day when prices would inevitably rise again, and thus, another opportunity to “sell high”, the ideal sets of circumstances for investing, and making money. We just have to train ourselves to be able to see Read More

Beginning of a New Career

  Today is the first day of Spring!  Spring is the time for students – and their parents –  to think about summer jobs or internships and for teachers to look for summer jobs, too. (note:  many summer job applications, especially for camp jobs, are due NOW, just a heads up!) The idea of gaining new experience under the tutelage of a mentor is not just for kids, though. Adults can take on internships on their own or through advanced schooling to begin their careers anew. Both students/new grads seeking first jobs and seasoned professionals wishing to make a career change can do Read More

Surviving the “For Now” Job

   “To be successful, the first thing to do is to fall in love with your work.” – Sister Mary Lauretta   As I’m flipping radio stations today, and the most unlikely ‘70’s tune makes me think of jobs. Remember Stephen Stills’, “Love the One You’re With”?   While I don’t recommend it for relationshipadvice, for some reason the following lyrics brought to mind some of the jobs I’ve had that I was less than enthused about while employed in those jobs. “If you’re down and confused.  And you don’t remember who you’re talking to . . . Concentration slips away . Read More