Career & Personality Online Assessment Tools

  Thinking of changing careers but need to explore ideas? You might be interested in some of these links to free online resources for several popular and well known career and personality assessment tools:   Myers Briggs Strong Interest Inventory (formerly Strong Campbell) Enneagram The video is a snippet of my upcoming online course (and existing […]

Do You Ramble, or Freeze, in Job Interviews? This Can Help!

  How to Deliver Clear, Concise, & CONVINCING Interview Answers How do you know if this class will help you improve your job interviewing skills? Does any of the following sound like  you in some way? Udemy FREE Coupon Code: FREE2023INTERVIEWS Or this link:  Prove YOU in the Interview on Udemy (limited number of students so go […]

Is Hiring a Resume Writer Worth It? Or Can You Just Do It Yourself? TAKE THE QUIZ!

Most people do need help, or would at least benefit from professional help. I’d guesstimate that 90- 95% of resumes I see could be improved – more often than not, dramatically – with some help. It’s competitive out there.

E-Class PREVIEW: Do You Really NEED A Resume Writer?

  Is a Resume Writer Worth It? Do you Need a Pro? Or Can you just “DIY” (do-it-yourself)? This is a quick overview of my UPCOMING NEW e-course…. Stay tuned for more sample segments and a link to the full class!  

E-COURSE: Interview Insights: Insider’s Overview with an Interview Coach

Drum Roll please! Though I have a long history of teaching and training in person, I’ve just published by first ONLINE COURSE, available**for a limited time** for free on my YouTube channel! CLICK HERE TO ACCESS: Interview Insights: Insider’s Overview with an Interview Coach Learn from an experienced Interview Coach, Resume Writer & Career Guide My […]