Multiple Profit Centers for Job (and Life) Security & Satisfaction

Extra Income Ideas for the Job Seeker, Income Diversifier, & Career Transitioner Alike   “If a man [sic] will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts he shall end in certainties.” – Francis Bacon   I don’t need to tell you about the changing job market & speculations of the future of work.  You probably already know through personal experience, or at least that of someone you know that our jobs, and therefore our income, are not guaranteed.  In fact, many in Europe as well as the US are Read More


Announcing: Create a Class: Advanced Topic Workshop Series

  Following up from the Introductory/Overview workshop Grow Your Career:  Create a Class this Advanced Train the Trainer Workshop Series gets into topics from the Introductory Create a Class but go into more depth & are very interactive. These workshops offer an opportunity for participants to delve into creating their own class with input and feedback from the group and instructor.     **** The Advanced Topic Workshop Series starts Tues. 11/5 **** Create Clear Content: Develop clear outlines & plans for your signature class or series of classes based on your purpose, target audience, and desired end result(s) (as discussed Read More


Training Tips for Non-Teacher Types

  Being a teacher at heart, I had to choose Back to School September as this month’s theme!    What can we learn OTJ?  To improve our job search?  How to write a resume when our education is the experience we have in the field we what to work in, but have little or no job experience in that area – yet?  And more, so stay tuned!   And now on to this week’s article:  Training Tips for Non-Teacher Types   Congrats!  You’ve been recognized as an expert in your line of work, and asked to give a training, presentation, or Read More