QUIZ: How to tell if you need a Resume Writer

Is Hiring a Resume Writer Worth It? Or Can You Just Do It Yourself? You already know you need a great looking resume full of content that will stand out to employers – but – if paying for professional help really necessary? Can you do a good enough job on your own? How do you really know or determine that? Ask yourself the following questions. Note your honest answers: If you already have a resume, and you’ve been sending it out for at least a month or more, are you getting interviews from it? Do you know your unique skills Read More

Are Objectives Outdated?

  Do I need an Objective Statement, or not?  Think you know the answer? Let me preface this by saying that resumes writers and employers alike have varying opinions and preferences on all three of these questions.  There aren’t really any completely right or wrong answers, just different perspectives.  THAT SAID…. Here are mine: Don’t Be a Dinosaur…   Using an Objective Statement is an OUTDATED approach – dated to approximately the Mesozoic era! The modern resume has evolved to  often include a Summary & Skills section instead. These focus on what you bring to the employer, (whereas an Objective is usually Read More

Educate Yourself: How to List Education on Your Resume

  Here’s the Cliff Notes on Listing Education on Your Resume You’ll get an A+ if you follow these notes: Overall:     Don’t list your graduation/completion year if it was more than 5-10 years ago* (with some exceptions)Also,   At that point, it starts to sound less relevant and possibly age you if it’s longer than 10-15 years ago. Same goes with the additional training you list — keep the ones you list on your resume to the most recent and relevant. I do like to see “Expected Graduation (or Completion) 2017” if you are currently enrolled in a program, though, Read More


Answers to Common Questions About Functional Resumes   After my post “Chronological vs. Functional Resumes“, I’ve received a few questions – and I know it can be puzzling to figure out which resume format works best for YOUR unique work history, and most importantly – current job goals!   So this post is for you, dear readers, hope it helps! How is it different from a chronological resume? A chronological resume is what most people think of, listing their work history in reverse time order including job title, company name & location and dates, then listing the skills, experiences and Read More

Client Stories: 3 All Too Common Resume Mistakes

  Real clients, real resumes – real mistakes!  I have reviewed some resumes today with mistakes I commonly see, unfortunately. Make no mistake about it – these types of errors WILL adversely affect your chances of landing an interview to be considered for the job!   — Mistake #1: TOOOO LOONNGG:  I regularly see 3 page resumes – no no no!  (or even more – up to 8 (ugh!) pages (NO!)… Often it seems this is because the person is trying to space things out, divide content sections with titles to make it easier to read. This is actually a good idea Read More