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3 Great Reasons Staying Active Helps a Job Search

A job search client was telling me about all the professional networking groups he attends, about an interviewing workshop he was going to, and was quite interested when I mentioned he might like to join Toastmasters, an internationally known group for learning and practicing public speaking. I commended him for his diligent activities, but, immediately […]

7 Transferable Skills – and How To Talk About Them

Regardless of your field, there are several key skills that almost any job requires or values.  They are skills that translate from one type of job into another, regardless of the industry or type of environment. Especially when you want to shift from one job title, department, or field to another, knowing how to market yourself […]

Seeing Opportunity Differently

  Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki recommends in his bestselling book about creating financial freedom, “Work to learn, don’t work for money.” He also says that while most people might say the economy after September 11th was terrible because all the stock prices fell, if we look at the situation differently, it was […]

Reclaiming Our Youth

  The Classified Ad reads “WANTED: Adults to participate in second chance at childhood experiment. Requirements: Willingness, compassion, commitment to betterment of self and society at large. Preferred:  Hindsight’s wisdom and a sense of enthusiasm. Contact: Any child in your immediate vicinity. Jaded killjoys need not apply.” How many of us 1) knew what we […]