My Resume Now Tells My Story

“Thank you so much for crafting such a great resume for me. You are really great at picking up on details and capturing the essence of a person. I really admire the way you are able to go through the process of asking the right types of questions and extracting the key information from those answers in a way that weaves together a person’s professional narrative. You definitely show my story better than I ever could have on my own. Your work is impressive and I’m very grateful to be working with you.”   – May, Teacher/Teacher Trainer, Los Angeles, Read More

Interview Coaching Made Me Prepared – Exceptional Service!

Shannon’s fantastic!   I had already used one of the interview coach’s that come up at the top of the Google search, but was not overly impressed with the service I received at the price I paid.  Shannon was not located on page one of the Google search, but she should be because she is WAY better!!  I’ve used her services on several occasions over the past two years.  Whenever I need to brush upon my skills for my next interview or if I have concerns about how I show answer questions, I ALWAYS call Shannon. She provides an exceptional service at Read More

“Do You Want To Succeed?”

  “Shannon is a great motivator! Extremely professional, focused and sensitive to the needs of her clients. She tells it like it is and promotes practical ways to succeed. She is flexible and resilient. You will truly benefit by implementing her principles and suggestions. Set your goals…you will attain them!” – Vickie, Family Programs Coordinator, Florida