Resume Confidence Gets Results:

“Two days after receiving my final resume from you I applied to a non-profit that I’ve always admired.  36 hours after submitting the resume we rewrote together and cover letter I received an email expressing interest in interviewing me! The bigger thing here is that I have sent out hundreds of resumes over the last 3 years with only 2 responses. I’m aware that you did the resume writing that got me in the door, and your process allowed me to line up with a better version of me — I never felt great about my resume before and that Read More

I Now Look at My Accomplishments Differently!

“Shannon took the frustration out of resume writing for me.   We went through an interview process where Shannon drew information out of me, things I had forgotten or did not think were important.  She made me look at my accomplishments in a different way.  She was able to quantify those accomplishments. I am very pleased with the finished product.  I feel much more confident going out in search of a new position.” – Valerie, Attendance Clerk/Summer School Secretary, Illinois

Take it from an HR Manager . . .

Straight from my Resume Confidence Facebook page: Stephanie Goddard Resume preparation is CRITICAL for interview preparation. I agree with your thorough style completely. Thursday at 1:34pm · Unlike ·  1 Resume Confidence by Shannon Terry Thanks, Stephanie. You have an HR background, right? They often find it builds their confidence, too . . once they get over feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. Thursday at 4:36pm · Like ·  1 Stephanie Goddard Yes…25 years of HR. I find your advice to always be spot-on.   Thank you, Stephanie!  Won’t you all join us in the conversation, tips and advice sharing on Facebook?  See you there!  

This Process Helped Me Regain Control of My Life

Thank you Shannon.  This process definitely gave me more than I bargained for — in a good way.  This was a giant step in taking back control of my life.  I’m thrilled with the end product and will keep you in mind for updates.  It was a true pleasure not having to figure out how to get my professional life down on paper.  I’m excited to move forward with this document. I will certainly be recommending you to others. –  Teri, Non-Profit Director/Coach, Vienna, VA (note:  thus far this client has in fact recommended two additional clients, both hired/happy)