VIDEO: Do You NEED a Resume Writer?

I’ve recently published TWO NEW ONLINE CLASSES!

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Do You Really NEED a Resume Writer? (Or Can You Just “DIY” It?) 


Course Description:

You probably assume I’m trying to “sell” you, and convince you “NEED” my services. (Right? I don’t blame you for being skeptical!)

But I’m not.

Unlike many course instructors, I’ve been doing this work for 15+ years, and literally working on hundreds (likely 1000’s) of resumes. I’d simply have to truthfully say:

Most people do need help, or would at least benefit from professional help. I’d guesstimate that 90- 95% of resumes I see could be improved – sometimes dramatically – with some help. It’s competitive out there.


This class and guide will help you assess:
• Your SKILL level for writing your resume
• Your time and budget you have available for your resume and
• Your level of personal interest in learning HOW to “DIY it”


• How to pick a pro for your needs, if you opt to hire someone (me, or another writer too).


Who can truly do a good (or good enough) job on their own (DIY – do it yourself)?

Truth? SOME. Not everyone.


That’s my honest, professional assessment given my 15+ years in this career.

**There’s no shame in needing resume help!** I probably don’t know how to do what YOU know how to do after all!

So I offer this video version, along with a pdf guide, to help anyone interested to assess themselves with a QUICK QUIZ – and – detailed input for those that dig the details.

We’ll go over:
• How do you know if you actually NEED a professional resume writer?
• Could you probably do just as good yourself?
• What to look for in an ok, good, and great writer – and what to avoid
• The price range/details to expect at each level of service
• If the writer you already hired did a good job – or not

This course, and the accompanying 20 page pdf INSIDER’S GUIDE includes:
• check lists,
• quick clarity quizzes, and
• comparison tables for fast reference,

And for the more detail inclined folks ,it also includes more detailed input and explanations, too!

Hope this helps you decide what’s best for YOU – hiring a pro, or, DIYing it!


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Scan Friendly Resumes – How to Pass the Software AND Human Tests


This referral link gives you a FREE MONTH TRIAL for all SkillShare classes!