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I’ve recently published TWO NEW ONLINE CLASSES!

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Does Your Resume Pass the Resume Scanner AND Human Tests?


Nowadays resume scanning software (ATS = applicant tracking systems / software) are the first “gatekeeper” your resume will have to pass before a human will ever lay eyes on it.

This class goes over this, and moreā€¦ how to evaluate any resume, in depth, with a series of sample resumes to review and critique.

Section 1: Software Scanners vs. Humans: what do they look for – what’s different, what’s the same (+ a bit about ‘graphic design style’ resumes & templates – should you, or should you not use these?)

Section 2: Sample Resume #1 – I’ll walk you through a Sample Resume Review, step by step, then, guide you to practice yourself in two ways:
1) Common Questions/Issues and
2) Format
You’ll also see the “AFTER” version of this resume, the rewrite that incorporates the feedback!
(as a Bonus, the pdf versions are included in the class as well!)

Section 3: Your Turn! Samples Resume #2 – Review & Compare you will
First review yourself,
Then I’ll evaluate it in depth, so you can compare what you noticed with what I see and would recommend.


There is also an “AFTER / Improved” version shown with suggestions incorporated here, too.

Section 4: Keep Practicing! Evaluate 5 more sample resumes, from different industries, and job types. (see below for timestamps for each resume/type)

You’ll do this on your own, without my input – but, I provide you with some resources to guide you:
1) a Resume Review Checklist &
2) a Resume Scorecard to ‘grade’ each resume

CLICK HERE to see the Preview of the other class:

“Do You Really NEED a Resume Writer? (or Can You Just “DIY” It?)

This referral link gives you a FREE MONTH TRIAL for all SkillShare classes!