Where are All the Jobs Hiding (and how do you find them?)

Where are all the jobs hidin’ (and how do you find them?)

**Mailing out resumes (snail mail, posting on job-boards/co. website): success rate 7-10% (does that low rate surprise you? did you think online posting was the way to go?)

**Applying to ads in professional journals in your field: also 7% success rate

**Applying from an online ads: 5-24% (varies by salary level – higher pay jobs = less success with this method)

*Use employment agencies (remember, NEVER pay them, the employer should be the one paying!): 5-28% ( range is for same reasons as above)

*Taking civil service exam or using a state/fed employment service office: 14%

By far (I’ve read stats as high as 80%!) most jobs are found through networking!

Keep in mind, most jobs aren’t advertised (again, up to 80% aren’t advertised, that’s the high end statistic I found – especially for higher salary/responsibility positions)

These figures are combined from various sources to give an average idea of the success rates of different job search techniques.

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