Why Is Your Job Search Not Working? 2 Basic Must Knows

Here’s two simple truths every job seeker needs to know:

Resumes get interviews, interviews get jobs.”

Let me explain briefly:

1)  Resumes are meant to entice the employer to want to spend the time to actually meet you in person (it’s too early at that stage to get an offer!)

—>  Not getting interviews can mean your resume isn’t quite compelling enough– maybe it’s not targeted clearly for the jobs you seek, or showcasing your unique value enough to get into the “we wanna interview these” pile of 100’s of resumes they received.

2)  The interview is what can actually win you the job – if you know how to present yourself as the strongest candidate.

—>  If you are getting interviews but not job offers, you may not be clearly communicating your skills and strengths and how they benefit that employer clearly enough with succinct examples to prove your abilities, or, there also could be unforeseen factors (like your competition is someone in the department’s neighbor, for example.)

People I meet out & about (and friends & family too of course!)are always asking me questions maybe you can relate to:

“What should be at the top of my resume? Objective? Professional Summary?  Education?”

“Should I use a chronological or functional style?”

“I was only at this job for 3 months, but it mattered (or didn’t matter) to my career – should I include it?”

“I have some gaps in my resume for (school, staying home with kids, family illness) and I don’t know how to address it on my resume – suggestions?”

“I never know what to say in interviews when asked “What are your weaknesses?” or “Tell me about yourself.”

“I’ve heard of something called Behavioral Interviewing – what is that? “

“I think I do okay in my interviews, but no one calls back – what might be the issue? It’s so frustrating!”

That sort of thing.

So it stands to reason you may have similar questions, too, about YOUR RESUMEis the formatting eye catching?  Do I have typos I didn’t notice?  Does this market me for the job I seek?  Is my Professional Summary any good? 

Or, that you want to end your job search sooner & find out how to stand out in a job interview.  You want input on those questions you’ve always wondered about your answers.  How do I balance out fitting in all my relevant skills and experiences in an answer without going on & on?   Or maybe you are one that’s afraid of not includingenough detail out of fear of going on too long?

The best thing about investing in yourself and your job search skills and marketing materials is the return on that investment is: 

1)  a small fraction of the salary the new job earns you and way less than the money you’re missing out on while unemployed, or underemployed and

2) continues to hold value throughout your career – once you’ve improved your interview skills, for example, that stays with you for next time, just like riding a bike!

Do let me know how I can assist you!  Check out the Job Search Journey Services page & the list of single and package services available.

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